Audrey Hepburn appears at the Teen Choice Awards

Audrey Hepburn appears at the Teen Choice Awards

Audrey is that you?

Oh wait, no sorry it’s just actress Lily Collins. But wow, that bun and those brows are very Audrey-like. Not something I was expecting to see on the red carpet of the 2013 Teen Choice Awards that’s for sure.

The 24-year-old was definitely bringing big hair back, with a large voluminous bun held back with a thick black headband. Her bold brows were also an Audrey-esque eye-catching feature, but the young starlet still managed to put her own twist on a classic look with flicked out eyeliner, pale pink shadow and an assortment of earrings. 

Lily’s look was a stand out compared to other female stars that chose to play it safe with long locks and simple make-up. But does the gamble pay off?

Do you like Lily Collins’ beauty look? Do you prefer celebrities who play it safe or try something new every now and then?

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