Aspiring blogger: Vicky Nguyen

Aspiring blogger: Vicky Nguyen

I loved The Great Gatsby so much, despite the mixed reviews it must be receiving. I had initially wanted to film this look, but my camcorder has been acting up so I tried my hands at some easy-to-follow visuals.
Something light and elegant, with a little oomph!

1. Prime and conceal

On the left side is my completely bare face and imperfections in all its splendour. You can see that I have rather uneven skin tones and a lot of redness. My main concern is my under-eye circles, which I inherited from my mother. I’ve noticed that no matter how much sleep I get, the dark circles under my eyes never seem to go away.

As someone who fanatically buys one concealer after the other, I almost gave up hope on finding the perfect cover up. I am honestly so in love with the Benefit boi-ing concealer! I’ve learnt that when it comes to concealing, you have to look for a product that is the same colour as your natural skin-tone. The common mistake that a lot of women make is picking a concealer that is much too light, resulting in enhancing that area under the eye.

That’s what a highlighter is for! Whilst I do love the night-time brightening look of a highlighter below your eyes, concealing is a whole different field.

So, my advice for my fellow natural-panda-eyed ladies is to find a concealer in your skin tone (or only a little bit lighter). This way, you can conceal the dark circles without bringing attention to the under-eye area.

2. Foundation routine

Make Up Forever HD Foundation + Stippling brush

3. Matte powder to set foundation

Benefit Material Girl + Bobbi Brown Powder brush

4. Line eyebrows and fill with angled brush, then with fluffy brush fill in 2/3 of eyelids

Mary Kay Skin tone eyeshadowLong-bristle fluffy brush

5. Fill in other 1/3 of eyelid with nude eyeshadow, giving depth to overall eyeshadow look

Napolean Burnt Magenta Eyeshadow + Bobbi Brown Angled Brush

6. With angled brush, line waterline on both eyelids

Silver eyeshadow roll on + Bobbi Brown fluffy brush

6. Roll on silver eyeshadow near tear-ducts and and lightly brush off the harsh lines with brush

MAC skin finish natural + Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush

7. Lightly contour face, under cheek-bones and jawline

Loreal Glam Eyes Day 2 Night

8. Prime eyelashes with one wand, then add volume to it with the other

Mac Up The Amp lipstick + Loreal High Intensity Pigments Shinee Struck Liquid Lipcolour

9. Apply lipstick and add lipcolour on top for extra intensity

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