Are liquid minerals right for redness?

Are liquid minerals right for redness?

Q) “I’ve heard that mineral foundation is the best with regard to covering redness.  I have tried L’Oreal, Avon and Philosophy, but all are powders and I would prefer a liquid foundation. Can you advise whether, firstly, mineral make-up is best for covering redness and evening out the complexion and, secondly, whether the ELES brand that you advertise is one I should try?” – Bh reader

A) “Mineral foundation is great for red and sensitive skin because it contains zinc oxide, which cools the complexion, and minerals such as titanium dioxide that act like tiny mirrors, deflecting [light away from] redness and skin flaws. Powder versions can be used for easy coverage, you simply build up the layers to achieve the depth of coverage you are after, but liquid versions are great for those who prefer a traditional foundation feel. ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation has great coverage, yet it feels like you are wearing nothing at all on your skin.  It’s easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way. I certainly recommend you try it!” –  Liane Scior, Director of Marketing & Education, ELES 

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