Making up

Making up

Here at beautyheaven, we discuss make-up more than is probably normal, sane or even good for us. Well that’s a slight exaggeration, because I believe talking make-up is most definitely good for us.

Especially when it’s along the lines of asking whether the new foundation you’re wearing is in fact too pale. As I found myself doing yesterday. “Maybe you just need some blush, you do look like you could be coming down with something,” bh-er Sarah replied. Point taken, I was trying to look fresh and dewy, not peaky.

It’s not just my own make-up I’m concerned with but other women’s too. I’ve recently become obsessed with watching the women who powder their noses in the car on the way to work rather than watching the lights.

And I heartily enjoyed the confession from a friend who admits to applying a full face while on the bus to work, oblivious to the looks she knows other passengers are giving her. Yes, all sense of good taste might have gone out the window but she wins points for time management.

Speaking of which, I actually like to take my time making up in the morning. Not that I’m applying much or using tricky techniques, but that 15-minute window is one of my favourite times of day. As well as painting my face and doing my hair, it gives me chance to catch up with my boyfriend.

While he showers, I put on my make up: a little concealer under the eyes, Natio Fluid Makeup where I need it and sometimes a dusting of powder. Then a hint of Revlon Bedroom Eyes™ Powder Liner under my eyes, mascara and a dab of good old Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant on my lips.

Then while he dresses, I straighten my hair (my latest obsession is only getting stronger while the sun is out and Sydney is enjoying low humidity). We talk, we preen and I like it.

What’s your morning make-up ritual? 

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