All in the name of beauty

All in the name of beauty

Stay ahead of the game and save yourself some time by discovering what weird and wonderful tips and tricks we’ve put through their paces. All in the name of beauty, of course… 

Party ready beauty tips

“I try, where possible, to avoid wearing make-up during the day (especially eye make-up) and wear my hair up – that way when I’m ready to go out it feels like a mini-transformation with my hair and make-up done. It’s silly but my Uni friends and I all swore by it at as a great way for making you feel super special on a night out. Of course the other end of the spectrum is – gasp – sleeping in your eye make-up the night before to achieve the perfect smoky eye.” – Sarah, beautyheaven Beauty Editor

“Before a party I apply a plumping lip gloss for a few hours to achieve fuller lips. For fabulous feline eyes I put a few false eyelashes on the outer corner of my lashes. Okay, so I’ve only done this once, for my wedding, but I keep meaning to apply my false eyelashes before events as they look really pretty and they emphasise my eyes without looking like false eyelashes.” – Laina, beautyheaven National Advertising Manager

“I use a cream or white eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes to open them up, plus by warming hands before putting foundation on it makes it settle onto skin easier. I also apply lashings of red lipstick half an hour before I go out so that it has time to rub off and bleed a bit and that way it looks like a cool lip stain (I hate the fresh lipstick smudge look!).” – Olivia, beautyheaven Office Assistant

“Any mums out there who are managing to survive with only a few hours sleep a night will be glad to hear that there is a sure fire way to disguise a tired, washed out complexion. It may be a little pricey (think it comes in at around $40) but Dior ‘Diorshow’ Powder dabbed around the under eye area and on the cheeks lifts the face and gives a luminous radiance. It’s my secret weapon.” – Leanne, beautyheaven Managing Editor

“Wash you hair the morning of a night out. Let it dry naturally and then straighten just before you head out (this saves time blow-drying and hair is still nice and clean). Another tip is to use Ella Bache Masque Soir de Fete, which gives skin and instant lift (it is known as the pre-party mask).” – Claire, Editor

Road-tested tricks

“My fave is the Danné Montague-King Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel. I couldn’t leave the house for two days as my face was peeling so much (note: this is supposed to happen) but it had fab results!” – Laina, National Advertising Manager  

“When I started to get the odd grey hair I used to swipe a bit of mascara over them as I was getting ready. Hey, I grew up in the generation of hair mascara…it didn’t seem that odd.” – Sarah, beautyheaven Beauty Editor

“When applying mascara don’t just pull the wand out away from your face. Start with the wand directly against the upper lid, give it a few wiggles left and right (helps build volume) then, rather than pull the wand out in front, sweep it to the outer corner of your eye. This helps to emphasise the lash length and produces a sexy flutter.” – Leanne, beautyheaven Managing Editor

“It’s not completely beauty and I imagine the animal rights people won’t be too happy, but if I run out of cockroach spray I always give them a quick blast of hairspray to slow them down and catch them.” – Sarah, beautyheaven Beauty Editor (who is currently on the run from animal rights activists!)

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