The easy way to make your legs look flawless

The easy way to make your legs look flawless

It’s getting hotter and hotter as we approach the summer months, which means that your hemlines are no doubt getting higher, and those sleeves of yours are shortening, too. And while it’s all fun and games getting to embrace spring and summer fashion trends, it can be a bit confronting to show off your limbs if you have imperfections like bruises, scars, freckles, varicose or spider veins, cellulite, pimples, or pigmentation. So what’s a girl to do? Cover up and literally sweat it out like it’s no big deal wearing jeans and jumpers in 30-plus heat? Absolutely not! There’s a much easier solution that will sort you – and any of those imperfections that are bothering you – out from top to toe. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is just the beauty product a girl who’s looking for a little body coverage needs in her bathroom cabinet. See, despite the name, the handy lotion (which is also available in a spray, BTW), can be used all over your body to help minimise all kinds of body imperfections that may be bothering you. You know, like that annoying birthmark or scar on your shin, the spider veins at the back of your thighs, or even the pigmentation and uneven skin tone on your arms. While you would apply the lotion much like you would any regular body moisturiser, the difference is that the tinted formulation acts like a foundation for your body. It works instantly to provide a flawless finish that helps cover and minimise the appearance of your imperfections. Once blended in, the lotion dries quickly to leave a streak-free, velvety finish on your skin – and it won’t budge until you’re ready to wash it off with soap and warm water. See, Airbrush Legs has been formulated to be water-resistant, so a few splashes of rain won’t affect your coverage. And it’s transfer-resistant, too, which means that – once dried completely – you won’t need to worry about the colour rubbing off. Available in four shades to suit different skin tones (hint: pick a shade darker if you’re looking to add a little colour to your skin!), the lightweight, easy-to-blend-in formula is enriched with palmaria extract (which helps to reduce skin pigmentation and leaves skin looking brighter and more even-toned). It also helps stimulate microcirculation for healthier and firmer-looking legs – so it’s working below the surface of your skin to make your legs and body look truly flawless. So, in a nutshell, the lotion is easy to apply, quick to dry, and helps minimise the appearance of your imperfections and evens out your skin tone. Not only that, it can also help enhance your colour a little and washes off in mere minutes with soap and water – definitely a better alternative to covering up!Do you have imperfections on your legs or body that you’d like to cover?

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