You have to see Adele without her signature eyeliner


It’s rare to see Adele without her eyeliner, but the singer’s just taken to Instagram to reveal what her peepers look like sans make-up (and we can’t get enough of her beautiful bare face!).

Taking off her make-up before bed like a boss, Adele shared some candid snaps of her at-home beauty routine with her social media followers…

Props to the singer for pressing the cotton pad to her eye gently before wiping! Excellent technique, I think we can all agree.

A photo posted by @adele on

And is it just me, or do her bare eyes highlight her #amazing brow game? Not to mention her nude lips are ridiculously plump!

One thing’s for sure: Adele’s got us back on the ‘no make-up’ make-up bandwagon.

Do you have a signature make-up look? How do you take your make-up off? 

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