Achieving a smoky eye: make it a cinch

Achieving a smoky eye: make it a cinch

Q) “I have really large dark brown eyes, and eye make-up is mostly all I use to accentuate them. Try as I might, I cannot get that wonderful smoky eye look for the bottom lashes.  I just end up looking like a demented Panda!  My brow and eyelid are fine – I have that worked out – it just seems that my bottom lashes get in the way, and everything looks smudged rather than smokey.  Can you help please?”

– Leah, Qld

A) “The first step in achieving a smudge-free smoky eye, is a small,  
pointed make-up brush (the sponge-tip applicators provided with  
eyeshadow palettes do not provide the precise application that make-up brushes do).

“Brushes do not have to be pricey; synthetic ones are very inexpensive. And a cheap, but useful, alternative to professional make-up brushes are art brushes.

“To begin your smoky eye, dip the brush into the powder eyeshadow, picking up a small amount. Tap the brush tip onto the back of your hand to ensure there is not too much powder on the brush, then apply it underneath the lower lashes. Begin at the outer corner of the eye and sweep inwards. Do this in small strokes, applying lightly at first – you can always add more if desired.

“Another tip is to apply extra face powder beneath your eyes before you begin – any excess eyeshadow that falls underneath your eyes can then be swept away easily with a powder brush.

“Colours that look great with brown eyes include greens, purples, golds and bronzes.”

– Cassandra Rae Ferguson, professional make-up artist

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