Get a flawless, showstopping flutter

Get a flawless, showstopping flutter

Use a cotton tip dipped in eye make-up remover to ensure your lashes are free from powder or shadow overspill before applying mascara. This will help the mascara hold to your lashes better, allow smoother application and resist flaking far better.

– Annesley Broadhead, international training director at Cargo Cosmetics

When you apply mascara to the root of your lashes and then close your eyes, this naturally applies a thin layer of mascara to the bottom lashes. In most cases, that looks great and is enough. If you want a more defined bottom lash, wipe the excess mascara from your wand and gently sweep the brush from side to side on the bottom lashes, again trying to keep it at the roots.

– Isabella Schimid, leading make-up artist for Elizabeth Arden

It’s easy to overdo it in pursuit of a showstopping flutter, but too much mascara makes you look older, heavy-lidded and tired. For ultimately lush lashes, hone your technique instead: place your wand right at the base of your lashes, give it a little jiggle and then glide. 

– Jan Thomas, head make-up artist for Max Factor

Curl your lashes before applying mascara. Otherwise you end up with an unnatural ‘crimp’ rather than eye-opening lift. Then add one layer just at the base before applying another all the way to the ends. This gives you extra oomph without risking clumps

– Make-up artist Adam Dargan

Don’t pump your mascara brush in and out of the tube. This introduces air to the formula, which dries it out and causes clumps.

– Isabella Schimid, leading make-up artist for Elizabeth Arden

An old mascara brush is the best lash lifter and separator you’ll never have to buy. It gives you extra definition without adding one too many layers. When your favourite mascara has had its day (every three months remember), simply wash the wand in a gentle, antibacterial solution, rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.

– Tracey, beautyheaven editor

Your best tips

Keep your mascara in the fridge, not in your bathroom draw. When you get up in the morning, your eyelashes are down and saggy, but at the same time your body temperature is warm. When you put the cool mascara on your eyelashes, they will rise and curl naturally. Try it! There’s no more need for an eyelash curler.

– Karolina, beautyheaven member, VIC

Curl your lashes straight after you shower. The warm water will have made your lashes softer and more pliable, so set to work with your curler or mascara straight away. Haven’t got either on hand? Use your fingers to curl your lashes back toward your brows instead. Hold for about 10 seconds and voila!

– Alice, beautyheaven member, NSW

Always remove excess with a tissue before applying mascara. Overload always ends in the spider legs look!

– Samantha, beautyheaven member, NSW

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