Are you really a 90s kid?

Are you really a 90s kid?

Growing up as a kid in the 90s, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when I think of the trends of the era. The teeny tiny crop tops paired with high-waisted bottoms, the surplus of brown lipstick and the worldwide obsession with boy bands.

Like me, you most definitely grew up in the 90s if you did any of the following…

#1 You collected Lip Smackers

There was just something about those sweet, flavoured balms that got every 90s kids’ heart racing. Which one was your favourite? Watermelon was (and still is) mine. 

#2 The more butterfly clips you had, the better

Photo credit: Buzzfeed Pintrest

No hairstyle was complete without over-accessorising with a heap of multi-coloured butterfly clips.

#3 Spice Girls were life

Because we could all relate and look up to at least one of the girls. Back in the day, I couldn’t be more jealous of Posh Spice’s collection of little black dresses and Scary Spice’s voluminous locks.

#4 And you listened to them on your discman

It’s hard to believe we survived without our beloved iPhones…

#5 You probably wore a stretchy choker necklace

It was probably black, and you probably didn’t take it off for at least a good year. Bonus points if you layered a couple on top of each other.

#6 Cher from Clueless was your style icon

I mean, that computerised wardrobe – need I say more?

#7 You owned at least one Impulse body spray

And it’s fair to say you smothered yourself in the stuff before leaving the house. As we found out, adult women like Impulse body spray too. For a subtle yet enhanting fragrance for every day wear, try Impulse Illusions.

#8 You experimented with brown lipstick at some point

You know, before Kylie Jenner made it cool with her highly coveted Lip Kit.

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#9 Your beauty kit was full of Red Earth

Remember those brightly-coloured pots? Well, the brand is back and better than ever. Check them out here.

#10 You had a crush on JT

Photo credit: Buzzfeed Pintrest

Admit it, you fawned over that two-minute noodle hair.

#11 You wore Vaseline on your eyelids

Confession: I may or may not still do this to perk my eyes up when I haven’t had much sleep the night before.

#12 You know what these are and how to use them

Photo credit: Pintrest

Is it a headband? A piece of jewellery? The choker mentioned previously? If you can’t answer correctly, then I’m sorry to say, but you aren’t a true 90s kid.

#13 Stick-on earrings completed every look

Photo credit: Buzzfeed Pintrest

The hardest part was picking which pair to wear!

Are you a 90s kid? Do you remember any of these trends?

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