The worst 90s beauty trends, revisited


Some things are better left in the past, and beauty is no exception. The 90s gave birth to many questionable trends, most of which we want to stay right where they belong.

In. The. Past.

However, for a (hilarious) trip down memory lane, we’ve rounded up the best of the worst 90s beauty trends. And to make you feel a little better about your past mistakes, we teach you how to update the looks for the present day. You know, in case you’re feeling a little nostalgic.

Trend #1: Baby buns

Photo credit: Frankie Everitt Pintrest

Back when she was the lead singer of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani rocked the baby buns better (or should I say more often?) than anyone else. When it came to the buns, we’re sure the unwritten rule was the more the better. We think they look particularly fetching when teamed with bright blue hair…


The topknot is no doubt the noughties version of the baby buns. As a chic, easy way to keep your hair off your face, there’s good reason the up do is all the rage.If you don’t already know how to do a topknot, bh’s Astrid teaches you how to achieve the look, in this easy tutorial.

Trend #2: Bright blue eye shadow

Back in the 90s, blue eye shadow was everywhere. More often than not, it was worn as bright as humanly possible, right to the brow bone. And with a statement lip to boot.


Blue eye make-up is still around but (thankfully!) the beauty Gods have come up with a new way to wear it. Whether it’s a deep blue eye shadow worked into a smoky eye, a slick of liquid liner or a touch of blue mascara, you can wear blue on your eyes and still look good. If you don’t believe us, click through this challenge, where bh’s Carli wears blue eye make-up five different ways, five days in a row.

Trend #3: Butterfly clips

Photo credit: Buzzfeed Pintrest

Unfortunately, butterfly clips were not just worn by young girls, but popular celebrities too. Often worn in a kaleidoscope of different colours on the top of the head, the clips did a good job of keeping hair off the face – but not a very good job of making full-grown women look very mature.


If you are looking to keep your hair out of your eyes and off your face, skip the butterfly clips, and instead channel Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl with a headband. We recommend the Scunci Cushion Tipped Bubble Finish Headband. The thick, elegant design suits anyone without making them look (or feel) about five-years-old.

Trend #4: Brown lipstick

Brown lipstick was totally on trend back in the day. The earthy hue was generally worn matte, with a bare face and sometimes with a much-darker lip liner. If you were old enough to wear lip colour in the 90s, you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t tried it at least once.


Ok, I know we said that these were the best of the worst beauty trends, and that we wanted them to stay in the past, but brown lipstick is an exception. In recent times, it has been seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Kate Bosworth. If you don’t believe me, check out this article. And, if you’re brave enough to rock it, make like the youngest Kardashian and team it with soft eye shadow and super long lashes. For a look like Kylie’s, use Mac Lipstick in Paramount.

Trend #5: Crimped hair

Remember crimped hair? You know, that hairstyle that made you look like you had just stuck your finger in an electric socket? Tyra Banks is one of the most beautiful, well-known supermodels of our time, and even she can’t make crimped hair look chic.


If you are looking to add some volume and dimension to your hair, opt for tousled, soft curls. The look is less electrocuted, and more Hollywood glam. Take a look at this video to learn how to create loose waves with a little styling spray and a GHD straightener.

Trend #6: Obvious lip liner

Photo credit: Altha Pride Pintrest

Dark brown liner teamed with a nude lip is a trend that we are very glad to see the end of. In fact, we’re scratching our heads as to why it ever gained momentum in the first place. Victoria Beckham, what were you thinking?


Don’t get me wrong, lip liner was – and still is – a very important product for your beauty kit. But if you’re going to wear it, make sure you choose a liner one shade darker than your natural lip colour, or one shade lighter or darker than your colour of choice. This will make your lips look fuller, and prevent your colour from feathering.

Trend #7: Corn rows

Whether worn loose, or tied back, we’ve seen better hairstyles over the years. Here, Christina Aguilera teams the tight braids with bright blue shadow. A double whammy for the 90s trends we really don’t want to see again.


A fishtail braid is a much more sophisticated way to keep your keep your hair off your shoulders. If you have no idea how to create the look, check out this video where bh’s Deb creates the perfect fishtail braid using the Scunci Criss Crosser Tool.

Trend #8: Over-plucked eyebrows

Back in the 90s, over-plucked eyebrows could be found on most faces. Drew Barrymore does a good job of showing us how they used to love them: super thin, rounded and drawn-on.


These days, we’ve gone in the complete opposite direction and favour thick, natural looking brows. Think Cara Delevingne, Lauren Conrad and Demi Lovato. To get the same look as these celebs, keep to your natural shape, only tweeze stray hairs and lightly fill in brows with Benefit Brow Zings. And for a bit of fun, check out these amazing celeb brow transformations. If they can get past over-plucked 90s brows, anyone can!

Did you ever fall victim to any of the above trends? Are there any other 90s beauty trends that we missed?

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  1. I think I’m guilty of the lip liner thingy but that’s about all. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a blue eye shadow but I remember having a purple mascara which I loved.

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