5 ways to stimulate hair growth for thinning brows

5 ways to stimulate hair growth for thinning brows

Whether you’re guilty of years of over-plucking, or your once luscious brows have decided to pack up and leave for no good reason, do not be discouraged. We are here to assure you that thick, full brows are very much in your destiny and we’ve got five (mostly) natural and incredibly simple ways to get you there. 

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1. Massage

By increasing your blood circulation you will encourage denser brows. To massage, press a finger or two toward the middle of your eyebrow and make circular movements, gradually working towards the tail of your brow. This technique is effective when you are massaging in a growth serum, or a homemade mix such as castor oil and olive oil. 

2. Eat your way there

What you’re putting inside your body is just as effective as what you’re putting on top. The best nutrients for hair growth include omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, chia seeds, walnuts, and proteins like eggs and chicken breast. Iron from green vegetables like spinach, legumes and red meat can also help, as well as zinc from cashews and dark chocolate. Pretty much every vitamin will lend a hand too, particularly vitamins A, C, D and E, found in salmon, sardines and leafy green vegetables. We sense a theme here…

3. Coconut oil 

Applying a small amount of coconut oil to your brows each night will give your thinning brows the nourishment they need. The best way to apply is by dipping either a clean finger or cotton ball into the coconut oil and applying it across your brow in the direction of the hair growth. Leave overnight, rinse off the next morning and repeat.

4. Milk

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the proteins, vitamin B and lactic acid found in full cream milk can help to restore and protect your brow hairs and stimulate collagen production.. Simply coat your brows in the stuff and then once dry, rinse and cleanse as normal.

5. Growth serum 

If you’re less concerned with an all-natural approach and are after speedier results, there are plenty of brow growth serums on the market. Formulated with ingredients to add fullness and encourage growth we recommend Models Prefer Brow Serum, Apot.Care OPTIBROW ($69, available at Mecca).

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  1. I’m definitely guilty of overplucking my eyebrows during the 90’s and 00’s. I have subscribed to the fact that they will never be the same as they once were but I’d like to give these a crack! The milk and coconut oil sound interesting.

  2. I have never really plucked mine as they are blonde but they are pretty full. My mum grew up in the time of over plucking alas it is too late. She tries ideas which are supposed to help but they just continued to go until she only had three hairs per eyebrow. At least that guides her for drawing them in!

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