5 makeup mistakes that age you

5 makeup mistakes that age you

It’s a classic case of ‘you always want what you can’t have’. When we’re young we want to look old enough to get into the pub and when we’re old we want to look young enough to be asked for ID at the bottle shop (or just the shock of a co-worker when they receive your 50th birthday invite would suffice). And the way both parties try to do that? Makeup of course!

It makes sense that as we get older some of the beauty tricks we learnt when we were young aren’t going to have the same effect. Products, techniques, colours, all of the things that were once your go-to instant fabulous beauty tricks could actually be adding years to your face. So to help you get one step closer to pulling out that drivers licence, here is a quick list of the common makeup mistakes that age you.

MISTAKE #1 Blusher on the apples of your cheeks

There’s nothing like a nice bronze glow or sweep of rosy pink colour to liven up a dull complexion.  But applying colour to the apples of your cheeks is just going to highlight the sagging of your skin that generally happens around the cheekbones as you age. Instead, suck your cheeks in and sweep your blusher above the indent, up towards your temples. The angle of the blush will make your cheekbones appear more defined.

MISTAKE #2 Loose powder

Loose powder can be dangerous for both young and old. It’s so easy to apply too much and not so easy to reverse the damage. While the worst loose powder can do to youthful, smooth skin is make it look ‘caked on’, loose powder can make ageing skin appear more lined, which is the opposite to what you want make-up to do. So instead of a loose powder, try using a liquid foundation like Revlon Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup™ with SPF15 (which also has many anti-ageing benefits) or a pressed powder like Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

MISTAKE #3 Dark lipstick

It’s so hard not to be tempted by the amazing plum and merlot shades of lippy, but it’s best to steer clear once you notice your lips aren’t what they used to be. It’s natural for lips to become thinner and loose their youthful plumpness as you age and wearing a dark lipstick only makes them appear thinner and draws attention to the area.  Instead of bold, dark colours choose more flattering shades such as MAC Lipstick in Pink Nouvea and Vegas Volt.

MISTAKE #4 Long, limp hair

It’s no secret that gravity becomes your worst enemy as you age. All of a sudden skin you didn’t even know you had seems to be drooping. Having a long, straight and limp hair cut will only drag you down even further. But don’t worry, you can still keep your long locks if you wish, just have your hairdresser layer it in a way that shapes your face and adds bounce instead of dragging it down. Or if you’re brave try a pixie cut or a flattering lob (long bob).

MISTAKE #5 Skipping the primer

We’ve all heard the famous Napoleon Perdis line ‘It’s a crime not to prime’ and for ageing skin this couldn’t be truer. Primer helps to smooth out lines and creates an even surface for makeup application. It also makes your makeup last longer; which means you can have a more youthful looking complexion without worrying about touch-ups. 

What are your beauty tricks for looking younger? What’s your biggest concern when it comes to ageing?

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