We rate the 2015 AMA beauty looks


The beautyheaven team loves a red carpet, but we don’t always agree when it comes to who looked best.

And as the photos from the American Music Awards (AMAs) red carpet rolled in, it became apparent that we were an office divided on the majority of the beauty looks. So to be as fair and objective as possible, we thought we’d better share all of our honest opinions to determine who ultimately slayed.


SAM SAYS: Did somebody say vamp? I love how sophisticated and Great Gatsby she looks, but – for me – it’s a little close to goth. I’d prefer if it was dialled back just a tad… 2/5

ANNA SAYS: Nothing says sultry like a dark smoky eye and a plum lip! I also love the subtle colour in her cheeks. Can we also take some time to appreciate Demi’s sculpted brows #onfleek. 5/5

BETH SAYS: Demi’s vintage-inspired look is probably my top pick. Usually we wouldn’t advise rocking a smoky eye and a vampy lip together, but she totally pulls it off. 5/5

ASTRID SAYS: She’s certainly got the complexion to pull off this 1920s inspired look, but overall it’s a little too dramatic for me. 3/5

ROSIE SAYS: Demi’s ultra vampy look is a little OTT for my liking, but props to her make-up artist for nailing that smoky eye! 2/5



SAM SAYS: Long or short hair, Gigi is gorgeous. She could honestly be bald and still look beautiful. But what stands out for me in this pic is her luminous skin and the highlight in the corner of her eyes and cheekbones. 3/5

ANNA SAYS: Does this girl ever get it wrong? I love the golden tones in her eyeshadow and simple nude lip, plus her highlighter is on point (as per usual). And that hair – wow. 5/5

BETH SAYS: I’m personally not a huge fan of Gigi’s slick ‘do, but the model sure has amazing brow game! I’m also loving the dewy, nude make-up. 3/5

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ASTRID SAYS:  I honestly love the Gig, and she’s absolutely nailed this look. Whether she’s wearing a wig or not, I don’t care. I’m so obsessed, I’m on the verge of calling the salon right now and booking in for the Gigi-chop. I also love the subtle glow she’s got going on – it’s not too much against the white, and the brows are seriously doing things for me. 4.5/5

ROSIE SAYS: This girl can do NO wrong! Her brows are so on point, nude make-up is subtly sexy, and her slicked back lob makes her look oh-so-fresh faced. 4/5

TOTAL SCORE: 19.5/25


SAM SAYS: Yes to the coral lip Julianne! YES, YES! I love that she’s gone for such a summery colour. The bronze and gold smoky eye kills it too. My favourite look without a doubt. 5/5

ANNA SAYS: The body shimmer, the metallic eyes, the bright lip, big earrings and structured hair are pretty, but I don’t think it’s working all together for Julianne. But she still looks seriously glam! 3/5

BETH SAYS: How cool is Julianne’s asymmetrical hair part? Also, her gorgeous blue eyes look HUGE – props to her make-up artist! 4/5

ASTRID SAYS: I’m not usually a fan of her beauty looks, but the woman looks amazing! Everything is so spot on and just works, it’s cohesive but not boring, glamorous yet totally flattering, fun and youthful. The whole look is quite captivating, and I love the cheeky zig-zag hair part. Honestly, I didn’t know she was capable of something like this. 5/5

ROSIE SAYS: Is there anything this girl can’t do?! That coral lip, flawless skin, killer tan, glam lashes and perfect blonde hair – she’s NAILED IT! And don’t even get me started on those baby blues… 4.5/5

TOTAL SCORE: 21.5/25


SAM SAYS: I want to wine and dine this top knot and make it mine. Even though the fringe makes her look a little like mumma Kris, it’s the perfect combination. Keeping the make-up simple was smart, her hair takes centre stage. 4/5

ANNA SAYS: Kendall is pulling off this oriental-inspired look like the supermodel she is! Fringe, bun, eyeliner and ‘smyes’ on point. 5/5

BETH SAYS: The combination of Kendall’s side-swept fringe and sleek liquid eyeliner is sooo sexy. Love. 4.5/5

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ASTRID SAYS: I’m not really a fan of her hair as I feel it’s a little too wispy, but she’s seriously nailed her muted make-up look! 2.5/5

ROSIE SAYS: Kendall has just taken smouldering sexy goddess to a whole new level! Her super cute top knot is perfection in my books, and her nude lip and statement earrings finish the look off perfectly. Hands down – Kendall is my fave of the day. 5/5



SAM SAYS: This hair belongs in Hairspray the musical and I LOVE IT. Va va voom! I would’ve loved to see a bit more pizazz in her make-up though as I think she looks a little washed out. 3/5

ANNA SAYS: Taking a leaf out of Adele’s beauty book, Rebel is rocking some serious volume in her hairstyle and I’m loving it. That side fringe is perfection and her smoky eye is a winner. I would have liked to see a pop of colour in her lippie! 4/5

BETH SAYS: Rebel reminds me a lot of Adele here! Two words: Blonde. Bombshell. 4/5

ASTRID SAYS: I like that Rebel has gone for a glam yet subtle hair and make-up look! 3/5

ROSIE SAYS: Looks like nude lips and smoky eyes were the running trend on the AMAs red carpet this year – and Rebel is flaunting it like the boss she is. She’s rocking those sexy waves! 3/5



SAM SAYS: Most of us would never consider wearing red on our eyes, but Selena pulls it off. She’s probably the only person who can. I think she looks amazing and I’m loving that she’s playing around with contacts to change her eye colour. It makes her look so different! 4/5

ANNA SAYS: I am such a big Selena fan and I think she looked #smoking in her AMAs performance, but unfortunately I’m not really a fan of the red eyeshadow. But she’s gorgeous, none the less! 2/5

BETH SAYS: Selena always looks gorgeous and her eye make-up is divine here. If I had to make one change, it’d be to warm her complexion up a bit with some blush as she looks a teeny bit washed out. 3/5

ASTRID SAYS: I’m amazed by how much she’s flaunting red eyeshadow! I don’t think I’d try it myself, but kudos for pulling off a very tricky beauty look! 2.5/5

ROSIE SAYS: Um, can we just talk about Selena’s reddish, mauvey smoky eye for a sec? Who knew this colour could look so damn gorgeous?! My gosh – she is flawless! 4/5

TOTAL SCORE: 15.5/25


SAM SAYS: This is very punk and all I know of Joe is from his days as a Disney star, so I’m a little undecided about this look! 2/5

ANNA SAYS: Kudos to Joe for having the confidence to step out with a smurf-blue ‘do! 2/5

BETH SAYS: I think it’s great when guys get to have a bit of fun with their beauty look, too – and there’s no place like the red carpet to make a bit of a statement! 4.5/5

ASTRID SAYS: I’m diggin’ the blue, it’s edgy, cool and works perfectly with his cool-guy hairstyle. Because his hair is naturally quite dark it’s not too overbearing, and makes his eyes pop. Dreamy Joe, you get 4/5 stars.

ROSIE SAYS: I feel like Joe’s skin is a touch too fair to pull off cool-hued hair, but he’s totally rocking it! 2/5

TOTAL SCORE: 14.5/25

And the winner is … JULIANNE HOUGH

What was your favourite beauty look from the AMAs? Did you relate to any of our opinions?

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