Everyone's eyes are shaped differently, and sure, some make-up styles do suit certain eye shapes better than others - but that doesn't mean you have to pass up on that particular look entirely. All it takes is a bit of tweaking - a stronger line here, a bit more blending there - and you can tailor the look to suit your features.
Here, we show you how to work a sexy winged make-up look on both round, and almond-shaped eyes...





If your eyes are…almond-shaped



1.) Start by sweeping a nude hue across your entire lid, up towards your brow bone (in this look, Shade 5 from the Estée Lauder Wild Violet Pure Color EyeShadow Palette was used).

2.) Next, use a dark shadow (such as Estée Lauder Wild Violet Pure Color EyeShadow in 02 Untamed Violet) to define your top lash line, taking the colour slightly upwards and outwards so that it comes to a point in line with the end of your eyebrow.

Tip: If you’re afraid of an unsteady hand, use a fine brush and your chosen shadow to create marking dots, and then simply join each dots to create your line.

3.) Next, take that extended line back towards the crease of your eye, so that you create a small triangle that finishes midway across your eye. Use your brush to carefully blend the lines you’ve just created, filling your ‘triangle’ with colour as you go.

Tip: To avoid looking like you’ve been punched in the eye, start slowly with your shadow, gradually building it up to your desired intensity.

4.) Sweep a matching eyeliner along your bottom lash line (try Estée Lauder Wild Violet Double Wear Eye Pencil in 10 Untamed Violet), and smudge it slightly to soften it.

5.) Complete your look with a slick of black mascara (try Estée Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara), and a pop of pretty pink lipstick that won’t overpower your eyes. In this look, Liu is wearing the new Estée Lauder Wild Violet Pure Color Lipstick in 42 Wild Violet.

Want to recreate Lui’s look at home? Head to David Jones to pick up all your essentials from the Estée Lauder counter.


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Do you have almond-shaped eyes? What's your best make-up tip for working with this type of eye shape?