Blogstar entry: I see... Gelly?

07 Nov 2011 05:00 AM | Posted by bh'sLeanne
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Mystic Michelle knows 3 facts about you:

Eyeliner is definitely one of the base beauty products that you’ve had ever since you can remember.
You’re always on the look out for one that applies easier, defines better and stays on for longer.
You’re curious to read on.

And you should be glad you did! Because you have just won a huge prize! No, it’s not a car or a truck load of money or a date with Orlando Bloom. It’s my advice and expertise that you have been fortune to come across today!

Eyeliner is used as a tool to enhance you’re eyes; to make them stand out so that when someone looks at a sea of people, they are drawn to your eyes and more importantly, to you. You don’t want an eyeliner that smudges after 20 minutes and you look as though you’ve been hysterically crying because you’ve just seen a kitten get run over by a truck. You want to look flawless and beautiful. Confident that you’re eyes represent a part of your personality that you are showcasing to the world. And ladies, MAC’s gel eyeliner instils a confidence in you that will make you shine! A little goes a long way is definitely the motto for this little treasure. It comes in a small pot with an applicator to match. The gel is just like a crayon and glides on smoothly, creating the perfect line. It does take a while to dry if you have a heavy hand, but after some practice the right amount will come naturally and it will dry instantly. The pot retails for about $32, but if you’re computer savvy, then you can pick it up on eBay for under $20.

Mystic Michelle’s second prediction ~ you are wondering what I’m going to write next? Ding ding ding! I was right, wasn’t I? After using gel & liquid for so long, I have come to despise pencils, no matter the brand. These are only useful for when you are beginning to learn how to use gel or liquid, as a guide to get a straight line. Otherwise kiss these babies goodbye and say hello to your future, because I have already seen it! The only pencil I keep now is a MAC one that I’m too scared to throw away and the dust is just piling up on top of it. I’ve used the crayon style pencils for my water line but I rarely do now because surrounding my eyes in black just seems to make them smaller than they already are, and we don’t want that! I use Rimmel’s new Masterliner as a replacement for my Covergirl crayon and it’s probably one of my wisest moves. Rimmel’s just seems to flow on smoother and give that real ‘black’ look. The bonus is that it lasts for ages and I can wear it to work without worrying about touch ups at all!

Now, I see gel in your future…

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