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Arty Girl


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Great for my waterline !!!

When I left work, I thought that I would never become interested in applying eye makeup as when I was working. After all, who am I to impress now ? However, joining Beauty Heaven and becoming a part of the Beauty Heaven Community changed all that and might I say that it was all for the better. After all, just because a woman leaves work, it does not mean that she has to neglect looking after her appearance.

I bought the Essence White Kajal pencil on advice from our favourite BH Member Katshepsutt whom we all revere for her expert eye looks on the EOTD Thread. I had seen how "white" on her waterline made her eyes appear brighter, so I wanted that too. When I purchased my white Essence kajal pencil, there was a sale on the "Love me Lavender" one, so I purchased that colour too. Now I'm glad I did.

Essence Kajal pencils are made of wood with a soft inner core consisting of the "lead". The point of the "lead" is protected by a plastic cover. The product has a creamy texture to it and applies smoothly without pulling at the delicate skin of the eye. I use these pencils on my waterline because they don't cause me any irritation and are vibrant enough to be seen.

White kajal pencil on my waterline has the effect of brightening my eyes and making them appear more "open", whereas the lavender shade makes my eyes look "deeper" and more defined. When I apply the lavender shade to my waterline, bits of colour are also trapped between the hairs of my lower eye lashes. To my great delight, I found that smudging this slightly with a cotton bud not only results in my bottom lid developing a "smokey" look, but it rids the need for an application of mascara on my bottom lashes as the kajal makes them appear deceptively dark.

Essence kajal pencils are good quality and so reasonably priced that I would not hesitate to repurchase them when my current ones finish. They are essential items in my eye make up arsenal and absolutely deserve a 5 Star Rating.

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Great liner, bargain price

I was in my local Priceline a few weeks ago, window shopping of course LOL and I noticed selected Essence products were on sale. The kajal pencil in shade 22 Taupe me was reduced to a whole 99c so I couldn't help myself and it made its way home with me.

The Kajal pencils come in 8 colours including some gorgeous blues and pinks, and each pencil has 1 gm of product and retails for a whopping $1.75 bargain! It is a simple no fuss pencil with no un-neccessary extras like self shapening lids etc. it fits into any standars makeup pencil sharpener and sharpens without the tip cracking or breaking. It is a super soft liner that doesn't pull or drag on my lids during application.

The colour applies true to shade and easily creates both thick and thin liner effects on both my upper lids and under my lower lashline and applies well on my waterline with no difficulty and lasts all day with no colour fading or wearing off. The kajal pencil also cleanses off easily leaving no traces of makeup behind.

Once I finish of using my sowhat extensive collection of both black and coloured liners, I have no doubt that I will be grabbing up one Essence Kajal liner in each colour :)

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Too Creamy

I think this product is fantastic for the price! I love the range of colours it comes in but when applying it, i felt that it was too creamy and soft for my liking.

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Great for little highlights

I have this in the nude shade, and I predominantly use it just to highlight my inner corners, and it works perfect!
The pencil is soft yet not too creamy to the point where it just smudges- having said that, I like to warm it up on the back of my hand. It lasts quite a decent amount of time on my inner half of lower lash line, although I can see how this might smudge on some people.
There is a pretty wide range of colours to choose from, so there's something for everyone! Highly recommended for an eyeliner for touchups or beginners who just want to try some colours out as the prices are great :)

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Not great, not bad

I got the white and the black kajal pencils and I am not highly impressed with them but for $2 I'm not that disappointed. I bought these intending to use them on the waterline and tight line (my mistake) they are not waterproof and did not last long at all (barely an hour). The white is not highly pigmented and you have to go over the line a few times for it to show up, the black isn't too bad. The problem I find with these is they are not very smooth and kind of harsh on the eyes.

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Hurts when applying to my waterline

I have this eyeliner in white, and I like to apply it to my waterline for a wide awake look. I find that it actually hurts when applying it to my eyes as it is not very soft but it does glide on nicely. I find that warming it up between my fingers makes it easier and less painful. The colour payoff is good but not an opaque white. When applying it to the lid I find that it tugs unless I warm it up, but oh well, it was so cheap!

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For the price the pencil is good. It doesn't last as long as I would like it to. It goes on nice and smoothly, they have a wide range of colours available .
It's a great product for everyday use.
Will be keeping this one in my makeup bag

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So so

I have this pencil in white and find it overly creamy that the tip seems to break off ever so often. And because of this I have ran to almost halfway of it in only 2 uses. However in saying so, the creaminess of the product means it glides on effortlessly onto the eye. With regards to the staying powder, I'm afraid it is prone to fading. The affordability of the product however makes up for this.

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Does the job

This is a very inexpensive pencil liner that does what it's supposed to do and has a decent lasting time. The colour selection has a nice variety, and it really is not bad at all for the price.

The thing that I would have a problem with is its formula makes the pencil hard. Sure, that's nothing a hair dryer or any applied warmth to the product that won't fix, but as it is normally, it is too hard for me.

However, with that said, it's good value!

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not so good for me

People with hooded lids or mono lids or even water/sensitive eyes, it would be the best product for you! it. will. smudge. ! it didnt last the whole day for me, i had to reapply alot!

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