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Swisspers Make-up Pads are a specialised cosmetic product, ideal for the removal and application of make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. They are highly absorbent, ultra soft, hygenic and do not leave any messy fibres behind. The strong fibres contained in each pad prevents tearing and they are 100 per cent cotton.

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Soft and absorbent

Product one stayed intact for longer compared with product 2. Product one seems to be more softer and didn't come apart when using it. Product two was also soft but, I hated the fact that it start pilling and getting into my eyes. Both were effective at getting my eye makeup off.

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this blind trial review is very interesting and i enjoyed it very much

Product 1 was soft and felt like it was higher in quality compared to product 2. Furthermore product 2 has more stray cottons which can be annoying for nail polish removal. Product 1 does not have any stray cotton hair. Product one soaked liquid very well.

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Cotton pads for makeup and polish removal

Product 1 was a quilted soft cotton pad that appeared quite luxurious. The edging was crimped all around which helped the pad stay in place/hold it's shape and not fall apart. The edging felt not as soft as the rest of the pad. The pad was highly absorbent with no noticeable lint coming off. Product 2 had some rough crumby feeling bits on the pads. It had no finished edges holding it together. It felt like the pad was left in a more natural or organic state. It came apart and lost it's shape particularly whilst using liquids like toners. There was tiny bits of lint that were noticeable which comes off product 2.

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Mystery Cotton Pad Trial

I use cotton pads for everything from toner application to makeup and nail polish removal so they are an absolute staple in my beauty arsenal and I’m always keen to try out different varieties. Here are my thoughts on the two products I tried: Product 1 To begin with I was impressed with the quality appearance of product 1, the quilted cotton pads are round and have a seam around the edges and feature a textured pattern on each side. These pads are soft and rather thick, but I’ve discovered they are way to delicate for my handling, not to mention several of the pads I received were coming apart at the seams before I even began to use them. Due to the thickness these pads are too absorbent for my liking and seem to soak up too much product, which is not only wasteful, it’s also a pain because when I’m using them for product removal (for example makeup or nail polish) they end up breaking apart and all the fluffy cotton wool inside gets stuck on my skin or nails. This is particularly annoying when trying to remove eye makeup as it gets stuck in my lashes. I had no problem with these pads upsetting my sensitive skin so they were gentle in that factor, however they are definitely not durable enough for wiping and would be best used just for dabbing. Product 2 These seamless cotton pads are smooth on each side and look remarkably similar to the cheap supermarket brands wipes I’ve used in the past. It’s actually a case however, of the inexpensive ones giving better results than the fancier looking ones. Whilst being soft on my skin and quite thin in size, these pads are super sturdy and don’t fall apart or tear, even enabling me to get use out of both sides of the pad. These are ideal if I need to rub over my eyes a few times to remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup, they are not harsh and have never upset my sensitive skin. These pads might be very basic but their strength and durability makes them perfect to fulfil my beauty requirements.

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They were both great products for different things. Product 1 is harder so great for removing nail polish and Product 2 is softer so ideal for removing make-up.

Overall I was happy with both of these products, for different uses. To look at I thought that Product 1 would be the better product as it looks like it's higher quality, however when I was using it I found that the edges were a bit rough and the pad was quite thin, so not ideal for removing make-up. The firmness made it perfect for removing nail polish though, as it didn't pull apart or break down. Product 2 is my pick for removing make-up. It is very thick so very gentle on the eyes and it absorbs the make-up remover well so I can remove all my eye make-up in one go. I like that these are very soft and gentle on the face. I only need to use two of these to remove all my make-up, 1 for my eyes and one for the rest of my face.

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A clear winner

Product number 1 was the best cotton pad I've ever used. One pad lasted a whole 2 hands of nail polish removing. It soaked up the polish remover no problem and didn't drip. The pads are crimped around the edges so they don't break apart and leave cotton fuzz on your nails. When removing makeup I could easily use both sides of the pad before having to get another out of the packet. The crimping makes them easy to get out of the packet without accidentally grabbing 2 (or one and a half). Product number 2 fell short of the mark for me. Getting it out of the packet it was hard to not accidentally split one in half because they lack the crimping seal around the edge that product number one had. When using the product to remove nail polish it left fibres on my nails and more than one pad was required to remove the whole 2 hands. When using this pad to remove makeup it did not absorb as much makeup remover as product one and seemed to soak through and become flimsy very quickly. Only one side is really usable as both sides seem soiled after the use of only one side.

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Product 1 was a lot softer and more user friendly than product 2.

I was really happy to participate in this secret trial. I use cotton pads daily and can't imagine removing my makeup any other way. Product 1 was not new to me - I've been using similar (or exactly the same) pads for over a year now. I really like the idea of pads that don't leave messy fibres behind thanks to the "stitched" edges. Product 2 was a traditional cotton pad with "open" edges and loose fibres that are likely to end up in your eye. It didn't really happen to me during the trial but I know it is inevitable with regular use. This type of pads also tend to separate while taking them out of the bag. Apart from those main diferences I've also noticed a difference in softness. Product 1 was softer and slightly thicker than product 2. It also absorbed liquid (like make up remover) better so I was able to remove more makeup with just one pad. Product 2 seemed a bit harsh on my skin - I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't using product 1 at the same time, but in comparison it just didn't feel right. I was worried that it might irritate my sensitive skin. Product 1 was a lot more comfortable to use and it's a clear winner for me. It just reminded me why I stopped using traditional cotton pads and never looked back.

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2 different ends of the Cotton Pad Scale

Product #1 is stitched around the edges and has a pattern etched into the pad itself, making it look high quality. It is unscented, so therefore can be used on all skin types without the chance of any irritation occurring. The product itself is smooth and feels soft to touch. It has a cushiony feel to it as well. It is really easy to use in a number of ways! I've used this to apply toner, remove makeup and remove nail polish and Product #1 has performed very well. When applying a liquid to the cotton pad, it immediately soaks it up and there is no feeling of any liquid dripping out of the pad itself. It's able to hold a good amount of liquid and is easy to wipe all over the face with due to its soft touch feeling. When using this product to remove nail polish, the cotton pad did not fray or begin to fluff in any way. It is a versatile, high quality cotton pad. Product #2 looks like the usual cotton pad in a circular shape with no extra frills. Before using the product I did notice that the edges were beginning to fray and that the layers of the cotton pad were beginning to separate and pull apart. It is unscented and suitable for use on all skin types as there are no fragrant irritants. The cotton pad itself while it isn't the smoothest texture, it is not overly rough. This cotton pad is quite dense and when applying a liquid product onto it, it did soak up the product but I found that it did struggle to hold larger amounts of liquid products as the cotton pad itself became very flat. Applying it to the face, I found that it performed okay at applying things like toner but that I needed to use quite a few to remove any makeup. COMPARISON - Product #1 was definitely a better performing product as well as it being of a higher quality when compared to Product #2. While product #1 looks visually appealing with its stitching, Product #2 was basic and had a more rough texture and it was also more dense compared to the soft and smooth texture of Product #1 which had a more cushiony feel. Both cotton pads were free of any fragrance and suitable for all skin types as there are no irritants. I found Product #1 more appealing and easier to use as it was able to be used in numerous ways and performed very well as it was able to hold a good amount of liquid while Product #2 struggled to hold that amount and more pads were needed to remove makeup as it didn't pick up/hold it well. I would definitely recommended purchasing Product #1 and not Product #2 as overall, it was a better experience using Product #1 due to its high performance.

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Great for Makeup Removal

For this mystery trial I was sent two different brands of cotton pads to trial. Each brand was in a clear bag with a just a label saying 'Product 1' and 'Product 2'. There was no was to distinguish what brand the cotton rounds were. I mainly use cotton round for removing my eye makeup, for face makeup I prefer a more bigger oval shaped cotton, however during this trial I use these for my face as well. To remove my makeup I soak a cotton round with Bioderma, which is my preferred makeup remover. Product 1 was embossed around the edges and also had small weaved pattern on the round. I felt like I was familiar with the brand and had used it in this past. On my eyes and face they felt very soft and comfortable to use. They left no messy fibres -that could have been irritating- in my eyes. I was able to remove my makeup easily with very few cotton rounds. Product 2 had a very different feel than Product 1. The cotton rounds were much more thin and at a glance they looked like they would fall apart easily. I was proven wrong when I tried my best to try and tear a Product 2 cotton round and it would not budge and retained it's shape. The texture of Product 2 was very rough and somewhat 'scratchy' on my skin. However, with this uneven texture I felt like I was able to remove more makeup and than I could with Product 1. Again, there was no cotton fibres left on my face. Overall I am quiet pleased with most brands, it really just depends on your preference. Without knowledge of which brand is which I would not mind picking either in the future for my makeup removal needs.

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Yvette Rose


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Both were good as each other.

It was very hard to review both products as both served their purpose. I found product 2 to be aesthetically more appealling - it had a hint of lux with the edges to be stitched. Product 2 just seemed to feel more softer which got 5/5. However, both products efficiently took off the make up every time.

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