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Swisspers Make-up Pads are a specialised cosmetic product, ideal for the removal and application of make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. They are highly absorbent, ultra soft, hygenic and do not leave any messy fibres behind. The strong fibres contained in each pad prevents tearing and they are 100 per cent cotton.

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Not a fan of the second product

Product one had immediate softness and stitching around the outside making the product more sturdy and holds up more in use. Product 2 had a scratchy feeling and feels a little rough particularly around the sensitive eye area.

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Swisspers Trial Team

Product 1 absorbed product such as eye makeup remover well, allowing for a gentle application on the delicate eye area. Additionally, the sealed perimeter of the cotton pad meant that it didn't disintegrate quickly. Product 2 however, barely absorbed any product and disintegrated quickly when used, resulting in a more abrasive application and the use of more than one cotton pad to get the same result as product 1.

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Makes eye make-up removal simple

Product 1 is soft to the touch and overall looks quite nice for a cotton pad while Product 2 is thicker and not as smooth with no sealed edges like Product 1 has. Product 1 is best for apply liquid directly to it while Product 2 is best for removing makeup after cleansing. Overall I thought product 1 was better for just applying eye makeup remover, to gently and effectively remove. This product is not as thick as Product 2 so is not as great for wetting like product 2 is. I liked wetting product 2 after cleansing, then seeing my foundation come off. This product made me feel there is no trace of makeup left on my skin. I like both product 1 and 2 and use each for different purposes. Ultimately I am satisfied with both products as they make me feel more clean and beautiful. I have never used cotton pads to remove makeup before this trial so I think I will definitely become a regular user as I think it helps remove makeup better than just fingers and cleanser alone.

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I could not differentiate between the products, they both worked exactly the same.

Both products worked exactly the same as the normal product I use which is the brand Swisspers. Both products easily removed makeup and nail polish. I also applied toner to my face with both of them. I also used the products to clean my baby's eyes.

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A great all purpose product

What immediately set apart the two products for me was their appearance. Product 1 had a seal around the border of its cotton pads. I found that this helped to ensure that the cotton pad did not tear or wear during use. I found that when using Product 2, it tore apart fairly easily and I had to reach for a new cotton pad. I also found that sometimes I would accidentally peel Product 2‰Ûªs cotton pad in half when taking it out of a pile of cotton pads because without the seal, it made it quite difficult to differentiate one pad from another, especially when they are placed in a pile and particularly when you are in a hurry. The thickness for both Product 1 and 2 was fairly similar and they were both soft and not scratchy like other cotton pads I have tried. Both cotton pads did not have any smell to it which I liked because I have tried fragrant cotton pads before and they usually irritate my skin or hinder my experience. The sizes of Product 1 and 2‰Ûªs cotton pads were the same and practical enough to carry in my handbag. Their sizes also helped increase the surface area and rate at which products were applied on my face or when nail polish is being removed from my nails. Out of everything, I have to say that the size of the cotton pads spoke out to me the most. They were not too large and chunky which prevented products from going to waste (I only used the cotton pads for liquid products) but was large enough to make it easy for me to quickly complete a beauty routine whether it be removing nail polish, applying toner on my face or removing eye makeup. If I had to choose one out of the other, my preference would lean towards Product 1, purely because it did not tear as easily as Product 2‰Ûªs cotton pads did. Product 1‰Ûªs cotton pads were also slightly softer, however, the difference between the softness of Product 1 and 2 are not largely noticeable or different. One must really feel and analyse the cotton pads to really notice something. Either way, I am satisfied with the performance of both Product 1 and 2‰Ûªs cotton pads and would not mind using any of the two. I recommend both for their versatility in helping you carry out many various beauty routines, but as I said before, if I had to choose one out of the two, I would choose Product 1 for the reasons stated.

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Product 1 great all purpose make up pad product 2 not up to scratch

Product 1 thanks BH for the opportunity to trial this product ~ it was very similar to the product i currently use i found it to be soft and super strong, make up removal was a breeze and after eye make up remover and cleanser the pad was still intact.......also ideal for removing nail polish (didn't break or tear) This was a great product and one i would def recomend :) product 2 thanks BH for the opportunity to trial this product, unfortunately this just wans't for me ~ i found it to be rough and flimsy compared to product #1, it didn't work well removing nail polish as it came apart when soaked with remover, wouldn't recomend this make up pad :(

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Product 1 was smooth on my skin, didn't irritate it and didn't break down with use.

Product #1: Very smooth and durable cotton pads, best I've ever used!! Product #2: Rough and painful to use on the delicate eye area. Also these would rip and leave cotton on my face afterwards.

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Product 1 - Satiny soft, gentle on skin Product - 2 - Better for nailpolish removal

Product # 1 - I found product # 1 much softer and gentler on my skin and smooth in texture. It felt almost satiny to the touch. So found it perfect for makeup removal and application of toner. Also loved the neater shape compared to product #2 it had a better finish at the edges and less prone to fraying. Was more compact and durable. Absorbency was pretty good too. Product #2 Absorbed better for removing nailpolish but felt scratchy on my face. Had better absorbency than product # 1 hence was able to use it for longer when removing nail polish without needing a fresh one. Can be torn apart in layers easily.

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Beauty Obses...


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product one is soft and doesn't leave fluff residue product two is soft but does leave some fluff residue

Product one: Is a nice soft cotton pad great for removing make up, can be used for removing make up with cream cleaser, can be used to apply toner, can be used to remove eye makeup, nail polish remover. It's very multi purpose. I like the crimped edges which prevent the cotton pad from fluffing on the skin. Product two: has all of the above points however it does tend to leave fluff residue

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Product 1: Quilted cotton softness. Product 2: Coarse imitation.

Product 1: These cotton pads were really great to use. Each pad came away cleanly without coming apart. The quilted cover was perfect as it still absorbed when it needed to and helped with applications. It would be interesting to see the packaging to see if it works well with this very good product. Product 2: a great disappointment from start to finish. There was no distinguishable cover. The cotton felt like a blend of synthetics. It was difficult to take apart one by one and sometimes tore down the middle. When it was dampened the wetness just went right through making a mess. The worst was nail polish removal where it stuck to my nail in mid-removal. Cheap and nasty.

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