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Perfect Naturalness

This really does look like I'm not wearing foundation - sneakily, my skin looks great because it's hydrated from this formula which also gives the appearance of an even skintone. Yet it doesn't look like any type of foundation because my freckles slightly show through (which I kind of like!). I love wearing a quick swipe of bronzer over this on my upper cheeks and upper forehead to make it look like I'm just sunkissed naturally and not wearing any make-up. I love the look this gives me. For me personally, I need two of the colours in this product range to mix together to match my skintone perfectly. So though I'm spending up doubly to get the best colour for me, I get 60mls of it then instead of 30ml!! So it's worth it to me to buy the two colours to mix together. Despite not having my perfect skin colour, I'm stilll giving this product a five star rating because it's unique gorgeously natural effect that honestly does not look anything like make-up on me! Love that look!

It doesn't cause pimples which is such a biggy for me too. It's claims for being non-acnegenic are 100% true. Yay!

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This is not a heavy foundation at all and is more like a BB cream or tinted moisturiser in terms of the coverage and finish you get. It is very sheer and offers low coverage, which is fine but just not what I expected. It does give my face a flawless look and it's super smooth to apply. The formula just glides on your skin and absorbs super fast. I like to apply this with my fingers or a foundation brush.

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Reposting this for Glosscars 2013.

I was fortunate enough to receive this as part of the BH Trial Team (thank you so much, BH), and received this in shade 3WN1.

When I first received it, I was a bit surprised at how compact it was compared to a lot of other foundation jars/bottles out there. The squeeze bottle packaging is also a little plain for a high end brand, and didn't really make much of an impression on me initially. You're supposed to shake it well prior to using it, and when I opened it for the first time I found it a bit messy around the cap, where it looked like the product had separated and oozed out a little. It was easy enough to tidy up though, and I just wiped a tissue around the tiny nozzle tip.

It also looked very dark, watery and a wee bit separated, which worried me a bit initially, but after a few minutes spent shaking it vigorously (and hopefully aiding in the development of some good biceps), I squeezed out a little dollop of it and tried blending it on the back of my hand, and was completely impressed at how easily it blended into my skin! It worked really well, practically disappearing into my skin for a perfect finish that I couldn't feel, as it was so lightweight!

I've been using it for almost a year now on my combination skin and it works beautifully! I haven't had any breakouts and I do find my skin relatively shine free, although I do need to touch up with a bit of powder in the afternoon. It feels really lightweight and provides sheer to medium coverage. It does seem to cover slight redness quite well, so if your skin is fairly clear you probably won't even need concealer.

I've been applying mine with a dampened buffing brush and it gives me a perfect finish, without looking cakey or streaky, it's just a better version of my own skin, if that makes sense. Once I've done my whole face, I then use a flat foundation brush to 'pat' gently on troublesome areas for a bit more coverage, as the beauty of this foundation is it's really buildable.

All in all, a great foundation...a little pricey but a bit goes a long way so a bottle should last you a fair while.

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Great Foundation without SPF

In the days of protecting our skin from the sun, finding a foundation without SPF is quite a task. I’ve long been looking for a foundation I could wear at night, one without SPF, as my exposure to the sun at night is zero, obviously. So I was excited when the Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup was released without SPF.
Estee Lauder promises an advanced makeup that perfects the skin with a lightweight finish. A foundation that works with the natural tones in your skin to give a fresh, flawless, radiant finish.
And it delivers on all counts. It is a lightweight liquid, with only a small amount needed to cover the face; this foundation does not look like a mask – a look I hate. It looks like my skin, but better.
The foundation goes on smoothly over the skin, with or without primer. I tend to apply and blend with my fingers for the most natural look, but a foundation brush also gives a good finish. The formula evens out skin tone, but doesn’t completely cover all imperfections. I had no issues with it settling into fine lines, nor did it oxidise. The colour remained true throughout the entire wear. And it lasts 10+ hours with a primer. I’ve not tried it without one, but with a primer I can party all night and not have to worry that my face is slipping off. Having oily skin, I do need to touch up with a powder to reduce shine, but that is something I have to deal with no matter what product I use.
I can understand that for many people this foundation isn’t going to cut it. The coverage is minimal, and if I was still dealing with blemishes and uneven skin tone it would not work for me. Fortunately I just need something to highlight how great my skin currently is.
While certainly on the more expensive side – it’s the most I’ve ever paid for a foundation – the amount I use per application makes it very cost effective. This foundation has a permanent home in my makeup kit.

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Not as thick as I would like

I liked this product, but it felt very 'thin' on my face. I prefer something a little thicker to cover any blemishes and the odd wrinkle!! You definitely need to give it a good shake before use as well (as noted by many others). It lasts well throughout the day though and you only need to apply a little to get good coverage, so it is money well spent.

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Applies like a dream

I received a 10 day supply of Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup in INI when I went to have a complimentary make over. They matched it flawlessly with my skin tone which is great.
Before using you need to shake the bottle to mix the contents otherwise you will get a very watery liquid come out first.
I used my foundation brush to apply this and it blended so easily into my skin. It is a light to medium coverage foundation so perfect for use during the day, although I would like a fuller coverage when I am going out at night. About 70% of my skin's imperfections are covered when using this so quite a good result.
If you are after a light dewy foundation then this could be the one for you!

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natural no make up look

I was intrigue by the catchy name Invisible Fluid make up that I rushed to EL counter to try it on. The 4WN1 is a perfect match for my asian skin. When I apply it over my primer (presently using Lancome's primer), I glides so smoothly I only need a small dot of the precious fluid to cover my whole face and the make up stays fresh for hours without touch up! Just remember to shake the bottle before its use it tends to separate and becomes too watery and oily.

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Princess Per...


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Light but Sheer

I am currently using a sample of this as my foundation. I think the colour is right for me but I have found that it is a little sheer and doesn't cover all pigmentation so I have to use more concealer than usual. It does feel light on the skin and doesn't sink into lines and make them more obvious. It is also hydrating too but I would like a bit more coverage really.

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Too sheer, no coverage

I received a sample of this foundation in 4WN1.

The product itself is thin and runny. When applied, the finish is soft and velvety. It had a soft texture and was easy to apply/blend which I liked.

When applied, it didn't cover any imperfections on my skin. I understand that the product is meant to have a natural and sheer finish but I feel like it was a bit too sheer.

It didn't do anything for my skin and was hard to tell that I had a foundation on. The finish was similar to that of a tinted moisturizer. If you are going to put on a foundation, I feel that it should have even minimal coverage which this product didn't give.

Overall if you're after a product with lightweight coverage, I'm not sure if this is worth the price as it does the same thing as a tinted moisturizer.

For now, I'll be sticking with the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

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Too sheer

I received a sample of this foundation but unfortunately the colour did not match me perfectly – it was a little too dark and yellow, however I gave it a go.

This oil-free formula is quite thin/runny and applies/blends easily into the skin. It also feels lightweight on the skin, not heavy or cakey at all and provides light sheer coverage and gives a natural finish. It evens out the skin tone but perhaps does not provide sufficient coverage for those with under eye dark circles (like me) and if you have dark spots or blemishes, a concealer may be required in these instances.

Whilst the formula feels nice on the skin and the finish is natural, it’s perhaps a little too sheer coverage for my liking. I also noticed that the formula can split so that the watery/oily substance sits at the top and this was a little annoying, so you have to make sure you shake it well before each application.

Overall, it's not the best foundation out there on the market and I'm not sure I would recommend this. If you are after a lightweight, sheer coverage and natural finish foundation, I would suggest you go for a tinted moisteriser instead rather than splurge your money on this. The coverage is too sheer and the splitting formula is not the best for the price.

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