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Innoxa Shadow

I have this perfect little palette in Nude. This palette has 4 different shades, ranging from an almost white to a gold and medium shade to a darker brown. All the colours play off each other and work beautifully together.
I don't like the little applicator in it, I don't use it...I prefer to use my fingers actually.
The eye shadow blends perfectly over my eyes and has great pigmentation. It tends to stay all day and I haven't noticed any creasing. Innoxa has done this eye shadow really well.

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Blushing Blossom - Gorgeous

I picked this eye shadow palette up from my local chemist on special. I was unsure what to expect and wasn't entirely sure of the colours, but thought the name sounded nice. I was very interested in the Innoxa brand and thought this would be a nice way to try them. I fell in love with Innoxa after I used this eye shadow (and the blush which I bought at the same time). This palette has 4 gorgeous colours which range from light though to dark. They blend well and look and feel to be very good quality. The colours do not have a shimmer (yay) but are also not a matte, they really just have a nice glow about them. For me this is perfect and exactly what I was after.

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Naturally Nude = Naturally Awesome!

I was lucky to receive the Naturally Nude quad as a prize and I have to say I really love it. The eye shadows have an almost creamy texture to them and apply with no fall-out at all. The colours are true and pigmented. There is a light ivory shade, a soft gold, a bronze and a chocolate shade which is best suited as an eyeliner. I am really happy with all of them but I particularly reach for that ivory shade a lot! It is really lovely as a base and works with many of my other eye shadows. The shades are very flattering for blue/green eyes in particular. I think the packaging is very nice quality although sometimes I struggle getting it open. However it is secure! I think you get a generous quantity of eye shadow for the price and I would love to see Innoxa release more shades.

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Best in Beauty 2012

First impressions often count for a lot and straight away I was in love. I like my makeup to be held in well made, sturdy containers. There is nothing worse then having lids snap off and finding that all your wonderful product has been smashed and battered around your makeup bag. That most certainly will not happen with this compact. This very well made flip top compact is sleek and fits nicely in my hand. It holds a 13.6g Quad of colours, a double ended sponge applicator and a good sized mirror.

I have this compact in the Naturally Nude range, which includes a sand shade, a shimmery light tan, shimmery gold and a matte brown. These eye colours apply very smoothly, they blend well and amazingly they just do not crease. With my compact I found that the colours gave me a wonderful nude look or for a more dramatic look the colour also built well.

It's 100% Fragrance free.

It's not tested on animals.

I'm very impressed and would love to have every compact range available.

This has become a must have for my makeup collection.

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Best in Beauty: review of greys & nudes

Having already extolled the virtues of this little budget wonder in my previous review below, it was no surprise that I rushed out to buy the other 2 colour selections available! These are great value with a sturdy compact, excellent mirror, and beautifully blendable, long-wearing shades. I would call all 3 of these palettes very work-friendly, for their handbag durability, useful mirror, staying power and subtle colour selection.
I thought the Blossom palette might be a one-off in terms of quality, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that these shadows are consistently great! Buttery soft, well pigmented, blendable and with no fallout issues, they are user friendly and work friendly, with subtle shades that stay the day and can be intensified for a more dressy after-hours look. They are also age-friendly - my mum is in her 60s and could wear any of these shadows, they are flattering and don't highlight crepey skin or wrinkles (forgive me mum for mentioning the w word!).
The Naturally Nude palette has a cream, taupe/gold, warm copper and chocolate brown. The cream is nicely smooth and pigmented (I hate when the palest shade is useless and chalky!) and the other shades are also well pigmented and blend beautifully.
The Gorgeous Greys palette has a sheer, shimmery white, pale shimmery silver-grey, a concrete grey, and charcoal. While this palette has more shimmer than the other two, the shimmer is not over the top and provides a pretty, satiny glow.

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Blushing Blossom: beautiful colours and quality

I won this palette and absolutely love it! The colours are not matte but have a subtle "glow" rather than a true shimmer, which is great for office wear or if, like me, your eyelids are getting a little bit crepe-like (nice way of saying wrinkly!). The colours are all nicely pigmented, there is a light beige, a pale rosy beige, a plum that is a lot like mac trax, and a deep brownish/plummish shade that reminds me a lot of mac shadowy lady, in that it's a great deep neutral that's hard to say what colour it really is.
I have to be careful of plums and pink shadows, I have a dior palette but every time i wear it my fiancee asks me if I've been crying! This palette is a lot more flattering and makes my greenish-blue eyes look really green!
These are fantastic colours, they stay all day, apply like butter, and complement each other well. The packaging is sturdy with a great mirror, and a sponge applicator is included.

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Grey Matte(?) Palette

I ordered the Innoxa Matte Palette from the Beautorium.
I must first admit that I was dearly hoping to have snapped up the Neutral palette!
I also chose it as it was Innoxa, a brand which I love & know that:
a) there's no animal cruelty involved,
b) it will be high quality product &
c) the packaging will be immaculate.

Having said this - I was a little disappointed as I had been in dire need of some truly matte eyeshadows, and discovered that the first three colours (white, light & darker silvery-grey) are actually sparkly! Given this - I feel that perhaps the grey palette shouldn't have been labelled as "Matte". The very darkest shade is the nearest to being matte, but even that is not a true matte.

Having gotten this off my chest - I'll continue to review the product on its merits. There was very little fall-out, the colours blend well and I imagine a great deal of different looks can be made using just the colours in the palette. Unfortunately for me, it really doesn't suit my colouring (hazel/green eyes with Auburn hair & pink-toned skin).

I still use individual colours from the palette, in particular the lightest shade as it makes a fantastic tear-duct highlight (due to the shimmer!).

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Little beauty

Recently I got this product on the beautyorium. Iit came packaged in a grey compact with a mirror and an eye shadow brush. The compact was made of hard grey plastic and is stylishly presented. It had three colours, white, dark grey and a light grey. I found this product very easy to use. I like to do a subtle smokey eyes look. It goes on smoothly and has a Matt finish. Great to use any time and suits all skin types and complexions

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Best Applicator Makes It Easy To Apply

When using eyeshadow palettes I often find myself reaching for my favourite eyeshadow brushes but after applyin this with the included applicator I realised I didn't need to!

The gorgeous silver case with LARGE mirror in the lid holds the prettiest greys I've used and also the fantastic double-ended applicator with specially shaped foamy tips. The tips are shaped like a heart and with the pointy bit it helps to apply a finer line of the darker shadow along the top lashes. It's a great applicator and has a clear perspex handle which looks good too!

The colours range in "Gorgeous Grey" (which is what have) from a shimmery, pretty white, a light sparkling shimmering grey, a medium nearly matte grey with just a tiny hint of shimmer and a matte dark grey.

These are a wonderful selection of colours that I can use and I think any age would use because I'm not a fan of over shimmery colours - I just think they look cheap and are only good for use in just a touch here or there. This eye palette has found the balance and they are classy, expensive looking shades when they are on my lids/lashlines.

Some eyeshadow palette cases are hard to open but this one isn't - it's just right - it's secure and firm but you don't need to break your nails to open it.

This is a beautiful eye palette in every way plus I love that Innoxa is cruetly free.

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Sultry, soft shimmery eyes...

Did some research on Innoxa before the beautorium - had my fingers crossed that this palette would be up for grabs, was tickled pick when I saw it, and grab it I did. I would have been happy with any of the three colour combos, but was delighted when Gorgeous Grey arrived. Wasn’t expecting such classy packaging for the bargain price tag – a solid-state silver case with a firm click-to-close, and inside, four luscious pans, a true-reflecting mirror and a double-ended applicator wand.

The first shade is white, probably my favourite of them all – has the prettiest sparkly reflecting finish that I apply over the top of any other shade in my kit, and being so sheer, it doesn’t lower the intensity or overpower the colour underneath, in fact I’d definitely call this an *enhancer*. The second is a smooth metallic silver with a wee bit of dazzle, soft with very little fall-out, and super easy to blend – looks fabulous combined with purples and pinks. The third one is a pearly medium grey with only the faintest hint of shimmer, wearable even on hooded eyes without drawing attention to any imperfections. Number four is an ever-so-pretty almost matte charcoal – this would work well in the crease (if you have one, sadly I don’t), but I use it as a liner on it’s own, or over the top of eyeliner to either lock it down for the day, or to soften a black line that might otherwise be too harsh. All these shadows last well, and I didn’t experience any creasing.

Innoxa has been around for yonks and has an excellent reputation, but I would never have tried their shadows if it wasn’t for beautyheaven – I simply didn’t know they existed! With anti-ageing properties as well, I’m sold, and can’t wait to get my paws on both the Blushing Blossom (which looks utterly divine) as well as the Naturally Nude quads...

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