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Dettol Antiseptic Cream is a soothing antiseptic cream formulated to assist in treatment of minor wounds by fighting infection and helping to prevent re-infection. It can be used to treat cuts, scratches, abrasions, insect bites, minor burns, sunburn, sore lips, minor skin infections, chapped roughened hands and cracked itchy skin. Always read the label. Use only as directed.


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cat lover


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Handy and effective

I've always had a tube of Dettol Antiseptic Cream in my first aid kit and find it wonderful for all sorts of things especially insect bites - it really does calm the itchiness. Because it's a cream it's really practical to carry and use if there is a lack of access to're able to rest assured that any infection will be kept at bay until a wound can be properly cleaned and dressed. Such a handy multi-use product from a trusted brand.

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Must have for the family

Dettol is a trusted brand and this Antiseptic Cream is a must have for every household. I often get insect bites or scratches and this is a great product to use to help keep the infected area clean. The product is a lightweight white cream formula that's soothing and moisterising - ideal for minor cuts and scratches, particularly for kids.

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Great for scratches & cuts

I have a small tube which I just carry around everywhere for first aid whenever needed. It's a great antiseptic, & I trust dettol! I've been using it ever since I was a child, & it soothes ( sometimes stings a little but not very much ) my cuts or scratches - it feels quite cool on the skin. It also reduces the redness or inflammation if I have any around the cut/scratch. I haven't used it on insect bites, but I heard it works there as well! It has so many uses in a small tube! It smells & feels super clean & comes in a squeezy tube to prevent contamination.

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Bathroom staple

Our bathroom always has one of these in it.

I've been a user of Dettol for as long as I can remember, and find this is the best product in their range for minor household scrapes, burns, insect bites. scalds, cuts & so on.

It works well, doesn't sting (big plus!) & helps anything injured heal faster. I'll continue to purchase for years to come.

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A must have for everyone!

First aid in a tube! This stuff is a must have for everyone! It is wonderful for infected mosquito bites. It seems to heal them very quickly. I love the scent of this too. This is a staple in our camping kit.

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Great antiseptic product (can be used for acne/pimples)

I use this antiseptic for the usual cuts and bites to ensure it doesn't become infected. I also read from other peoples experiences that this is great for acne/pimples that are sore and sometimes infected from naughty picking! I've tried it and yes it works! It really calms down the redness and soothes the area. It's good to pop on overnight so it can work it's magic overnight.

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My lifesaver!

I've mentioned before that I get awful sores on my legs, my mossie bites take forever to heal, and I just have problematic legs, full stop. When I first tried this, I thought it was going to sting, and be one of those painfully long antiseptic creams you get. I was so surprised to discover it doesn't sting at all, it only has a faint scent that is not in anyway overpowering, and best of all, if I found that when I applied bandaids over the top of putting the cream on my sores, it helped them heal up over 24 hours. I love this product, it has given me so much confidence.

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Great for emergencies to provide minor relief

WHile this isnt a miricle cure for emergencies, it provides a slight soothing effect. It doesnt absorb too much into the skin so it feels very moisturising. I havent tried this on open skin before but it really helps with burns and sunburn. it is not very effective for cracked skin but once again it is very soothing and is good when you have nothing else to treat it. it will not substitute prescription creams for dry skin though. It is very handy to throw into the first aid kit for little accidents.

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A must have in the first aid kit.

This is a handy well trusted product that I have used for years, it hasn't failed me yet. It is great because it can be used on cuts and scratches along with insect bites, sunburn and chapped skin! One little tube works wonders for all sorts of things.

I would definitely recommend this product.

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a must have for all households

rating and title says it all ! it's great and doesn't smell bad. works great after cleansing wound with antiseptic liquid.

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