What’s not to love about our Loyalty program?

What’s not to love about our Loyalty program?

Get with the program. The totally indulgent beautyheaven loyalty program that is. Who would’ve thought that loving lipstick, obsessing over eyeshadow and seeking the ultimate salon could result in fabulous beauty gifts sent direct to your doorstep?

Regulars to beautyheaven may well know about our glamorous loyalty program, but it’s never been something we’ve shouted about so we thought it about time we gave it the love and attention it deserves.

After all, where else can you chat about beauty, post your own product reviews, join in hot forum topics AND win gorgeous goodies for doing so?

There is nowhere quite like beautyheaven. It’s where like-minded women come together to talk beauty, share tips, get expert advice and read and post real product reviews.

Being a bh member means you’re rewarded for being a beauty buff. It’s free and we promise to spoil you rotten. What’s more, there’s no catch and it’s super easy. Simply sign up as a member and do what you love doing: reviewing products, chatting in the forum, commenting on the editorial team’s stories and sharing the love by sending an article or information on a product to a friend.

Every time you do one of the above you gain loyalty points. Make it to 100 points and a beautiful gift will be beamed over to your abode. Earn over 500 points and score yourself another bigger and more beautiful prize. It’s a no brainer!

Best of all, Turquoise members (that’s anyone with 501 points or more) have a chance of gaining a highly coveted spot on the beautyheaven Trial Team – a select group of beauty buffs who are called upon to road-test and review products. BTW, invitations to join are based on the quality of comments, knowledge and ability to demonstrate unbiased and rounded views in writing. So hit us with your best shot.

And, of course, any beautyheaven member can enter our weekly competitions.

See, we really do love you.    

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