What your mum really wants

What your mum really wants

Bouquets are pretty, but they’ve been done. Chocolates are always welcome, but they always go straight to the hips. Give your mum something she’ll truly adore you for this Mother’s Day – give her smooth and supple glow back.
Find out why NIVEA VISAGE VITAL is your mum’s dream Mother’s Day gift now…

As we get older, we get wiser. Your mum doesn’t believe any cream can turn back the clock (she loves the freedom of her ‘mature’ lifestyle too much to even want to!), but every woman wants to look as radiant as she feels – and every mum deserves to be pampered.

Enter NIVEA VISAGE VITAL, the special skincare line targeted to women aged 55 and over. Enveloping natural ingredients in smooth and velvety formulas, VITAL helps to revitalise and replenish mature skin in five simple steps:

NIVEA VISAGE VITAL Nourishing Wash Cream, $9.95

Soaked with essential primrose oil and smoothing silk proteins, this is Mum’s first, refreshing step to luxurious softness.

NIVEA VISAGE VITAL Eye & Lip Care, $19.95

With soy proteins to stimulate cell renewal and licorine to calm puffiness, this butter-soft cream will give Mum back her well-rested, bright-eyed look.

NIVEA VISAGE VITAL Replenishing Day Cream, $19.95

This replenishing formula features anti-pigmentin to fight off UV rays and fade ‘age spots’ while soy proteins reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

NIVEA VISAGE VITAL Intensive Serum for Face, Neck & Decolleté, $19.95

Tackling the three big giveaway-her-age zones, this intensive-yet-silky serum supercharges hyaluronic acid with soy proteins to redensify contours and help plump out lines.  

NIVEA VISAGE VITAL Replenishing Night Cream, $19.95

Give mum a good night’s beauty sleep. This rich overnight cream will steep her skin in firming soy proteins and an anti-stress complex of panthenol and licorine will help relax lines and furrows.

Okay, so hyaluronic acid and soy proteins might not sound quite as classic as a box of chocolates, but they make the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Five minutes of pleasure versus a lifetime of gorgeous skin? No contest.

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