The eating habits that could change your life


When it comes to weight loss, you’re probably painfully aware by now that it’s about 75 per cent diet, 25 per cent exercise.

But if you’re anything like me, you might be struggling with the healthy eating part atm (hello, delicious meat pie and warming winter hot choccie).  

Sadly, the fact remains: It’s a hell of a lot easier to put on weight than it is to shed it. 

So whether you’re looking to curb your creeping weight gain, or simply establish a healthier eating pattern, you’ll need to tweak what you eat (and the way you eat it). 

To help you along, the recently shared 50 helpful eating habits nutritionists, personal trainers and weight-loss experts swear by.

Here are seven of the best (and in my mind, most achievable) to take on board: 

Pump up the protein

“One of my secrets to a healthy, interesting diet is to add as much protein as possible to my meals. Whether it’s eggs or pumpkin seeds, the high protein content in these foods helps preserve muscle mass, boosts your metabolism and provides energy.” – Madeleine Shaw, nutritionist and cookery writer

Want or need?  

“To prevent overeating, the question that needs to be in your mind is this: do I want or need this? If you can train yourself to replace the word ‘want’ with ‘need’ when asked questions such as ‘do you want fries with that?’ then you’ll gain more control over bad eating habits and ultimately find it easier to say no.” – Martin Shirran, weight loss expert 

Slow down when eating

“The science behind this is huge. The enzyme Amalyse exists in the saliva in your mouth and is vital to the breaking down of food, so one easy way to ensure weight loss is to slow down. The quicker you eat your food, the less time your saliva has to help your body burn fat.” – Martin Shirran, weight loss expert

Prior preparation is key 

Prepare your lunch and snacks, a healthy salad and fruit will support your day.” – Gareth Nicholas, Horlicks nutritional expert

Fool the mind

“Use smaller plates and bowls for your meals. A small plate full of food is more appealing than a large plate that is half empty. You don’t need to cut down on fruit and vegetables though, so if your plate is looking sparse, fill it up with these.” – Dr Tim Woodman, Medical Director at Bupa

Eat good natural fats with every meal

“Fats are needed. Natural fats such as avocado, nuts, coconut oil and nut butters are needed. For your body to burn fat you must eat fat. Natural fats also allow your body and mind to feel full and will help to stop snacking.” – Jacquie Cleaver, Senior Wellbeing Coach at New You Boot Camp

Treats are allowed 

“Have 80 per cent of your diet be non processed foods, and allow yourself ‘treats’ once or twice a week. Any more than that and you can become addicted to bad foods that make your body feel weak and lethargic, your brain foggy and your skin dull.” – Sharon Morey, nutritionist at

Got all that? It won’t be easy at first – but don’t give up: It takes approximately 66 days to form a new habit! 

Persevere, and you should have a healthier diet down pat by summer!

Do you follow any of these healthy eating habits? Are you worried about winter weight gain, or are you a stickler for healthy eating?

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