Vagina steaming review: How it works, safety, benefits & more

Vagina steaming review: How it works, safety, benefits & more

If you follow celebrity beauty and health trends, you’ll know that v-steaming is Hollywood’s current wellness craze.

Chrissy Teigen, Heather Dubrow, and Gwyneth Paltrow have all gone public about steaming their v’s, and given the wellness (and celebrity) fanatic that I am, I just had to know what all the fuss was about!

So I booked myself in for an herbal v-steam at North Bondi’s To Wonderland Wellness Spa and prepared myself for an afternoon of serious self-care.

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To Wonderland Wellness Spa, North Bondi

What treatment did you get?

I got an organic herbal Yoni steam accompanied by a guided meditation and followed by a Mayan abdominal massage.

What is v-steaming?

V-steaming, more formally known as a Yoni steam, is an ancient herbal spa treatment where you quite literally sit on a pot of warm water and herbs to steam your vagina!

The v-steam chair. The seat has a hole in the middle with two towels on top. You sit with your legs on the towels and create a small opening between the towels for your vagina and bum.

How does it work?

The warm vapour promotes blood flow throughout the vagina and womb. It acts as a carrier for the herbs’ curative properties to support and nourish the female reproductive organs.

My personalised blend of organic herbs.

Why would you do v-steaming?

The v-steam can have a number of healing benefits, both physically and emotionally. Many women do regular v-steams to help with different conditions such as irregular menstruation, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and menopause.

The experience can be highly meditative and many women do regular steams to feel more connected to their femininity in mind, body, and spirit.

When should you v-steam?

To Wonderland suggests v-steaming for a number of reasons.

Menstruation Issues:  3 times within the week before your period begins
Cysts, Prolapse, Pelvic Pain, Fibroids, Endometriosis:  2-4 times a week
Fertility Issues:  Right after your period and before ovulation to allow any lingering tissue and cells to be cleansed before ovulation.
Postpartum Healing:  Wait 6-8 weeks, ensure there is no bleeding and no infection.
Post Miscarriage or Termination:  Wait 3 weeks, ensure there is no infection.
Self-Loving Reconnect to your Feminine Sexual Essence:  Anytime that is not conflicting with when you should not steam your vagina (listed below).
Bacterial Balancing and General Care: It is safe to have v- steams 3 days in a row, especially before menstruation and it is acceptable to have 4 x per year for maintenance and prevention.

Please note this is not a medical treatment and should not be used as such for serious medical issues. V-steaming can help promote healing and relaxation for those with these medical issues, but it is not a medical treatment.

My pot with warm water and herbs placed under the chair.

How much does the treatment cost?

I got the treatment done at To Wonderland Wellness Spa in North Bondi. Pricing is as follows:

$225 (75 mins) initial consultation

$180 (60 minutes) follow up consultation

$350 (120 minutes) includes Polarity Therapy Balance

What was the treatment like?

The treatment was such a unique experience. The steam itself felt like my v was sitting in a sauna. It wasn’t uncomfortable or irritating at all. Of course, I felt a little awkward at first but the guided meditation helped me relax and tap into what my body was feeling and experiencing. We did a variety of breathing exercises and did some chakra work.

Note: Of course every spa will do things differently and there is always the option to opt out of the meditation or do your steam solo.

After a 20-minute steam, we moved to the table for the Mayan abdominal massage. The massage was uncomfortable, but it’s supposed to be! The purpose is to help release tension and promote blood flow in the abdomen area. Again, I was guided through breathing exercises to help relieve discomfort.

The massage table.

How did you feel after?

After the treatment, I felt so light —both physically and emotionally! It was an incredibly liberating experience. I felt cleansed of negative energy and completely recharged. I didn’t feel dry down there like I thought I might, and had no irritation or discomfort at all post-treatment. For me, the process was very emotionally cathartic and I can understand why so many women swear by them.

To Wonderland recommends drinking a lot of water after, as if you’ve just exercised. Many women feel tired and emotional after a v-steam. I personally had no physical side effects from my v-steam but some may experience changes in vaginal discharge or menstruation, release of dark blood and clots and a lighter cycle.

Anything else worth noting?

It’s very important that you avoid a v-steam during your period, if you have an active vaginal or urinary infection, if you have open wounds, sores or blisters, during pregnancy, and if you have genital piercings and IUD’s.

Would you try a v-steam?

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