We share, you share – page 2

We share, you share – page 2

Giving back doesn’t always have to be big. It’s the little thingsyou can do to brighten someone’s day that are often forgotten.We know you’re probably just like us, running around crazy busy fromone thing to the next, but we love that you pop by to say hi and shareyour thoughts each day.
So, in the theme of giving back, I’ve rounded up the beautyheaventroops to share our thoughts on giving and of course beauty. We’d loveto hear yours.

Leanne, beautyheaven Managing Editor

I feel beautiful when…I have a natural glow (and a few freckles) from a brisk walk outdoors.

My beautiful beauty tip is…Smile. People always look pretty when they smile.

I give back…by sharing the fabulous beauty tips and tricks I learn with friends and family to help make their beauty routine carefree.

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