How much water do we really need to drink?

How much water do we really need to drink?

Did you know 55-65 per cent of your body weight is made up of water? And that your brain consists of around 70 per cent of water, too? Crazy, huh? Yep, suddenly the need for adequate daily water intake seems to make a whole lot of sense…

But how much water does one actually need to drink each day? I mean, the old eight glasses a day line has been thrown around for years, but what’s right for you?

Enter the hydration calculator. It’s not actually a physical calculator, more like a nifty mathematic equation that allows you to work out how much of the clear stuff you should be aiming to drink each day. It’s based on your weight, so it’s tailored to your body’s specific needs, and is actually rather simple to work out.

How to work out your ideal hydration calculation:

Your weight in kg divided by 0.024 = how many millilitres of water your body requires each day.

So, if you were to weigh 60kg, an ideal daily water intake for you is 2,500mL or 2.5L. If you weigh 75kg, you’ll need 3,125mL or 3.125L. The maths is simple, really, and is outstanding at deciphering exactly how much your body needs.

Not convinced you need to take in that much water each day? You do. Seriously. A hydrated body is able to transport chemical messages, hormones, nutrients and oxygen to your organs more efficiently, which in turn allows said organs to do their job properly. It also boosts proper cell production, making way for a healthier you. Water cleanses toxins from your body, too, and plays a crucial role in helping your kidneys rid your body of waste through urination.

And before you reach for that diet coke… It’s worth noting dehydrating beverages (read: soft drink and coffee) do not count towards your daily water intake, as they actually strip your system of water. Non-caffeinated teas and fruit juices do count, though, so feel free to include them in your daily tally if you’re struggling with plain water. And if you’re a regular exerciser, you’ll need to up your intake on those days that you pound the pavement to compensate for water loss through sweating. But you already knew that, right?

Oh, and yes, sipping regularly on water during the day will promote glowy, healthy skin, but this doesn’t mean you can scrimp on your skin care routine. A decent twice daily cleanse will ensure all impurities and toxins are removed on the outside, too (we love Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Scrub), while nourishing serums and moisturisers will also ensure your complexion stays hydrated and plump.

How much water do you drink each day? According to your personalised hydration calculation, are you getting enough? Do you have any tips for increasing your water intake?

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