Viviscal Maximum Strength Dietary Hair Growth Supplements

Viviscal Maximum Strength Dietary Hair Growth Supplements


Fifty females between the ages of 35 to 45, who may have experienced hair loss or hair thinning post pregnancy, as a result of stress, poor diet, medication, over styling, colouring or treating the hair.Reviewers were advised to take two tablets daily for a minimum of three to six months (one in the morning and one in the evening taken with water after food).



of members would recommend the product to their friends and family.


of members were satisfied with the results of the product.


of members found that the product stimulated hair regrowth.


of members found that the product reduced the amount of hair shedding they experienced.

beautyheaven says…

, Viviscal Maximum Strength Dietary Hair Growth Supplement are supplements specifically formulated to nourish hair, support healthy hair growth and combat hair loss in women with thinning hair. It contains AminoMar CTM, a proprietary marine protein complex, as well as key nutrients biotin, zinc, silica and iron to nourish the hair during the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. Most triallers found that the Viviscal Maximum Strength Dietary Hair Growth Supplement helped their hair to grow faster after three months of taking the supplements. They found that the formula reduced hair breakage and shedding and many noticed that it helped their nails to grow faster as well. Triallers felt that their hair looked thicker, healthier and stronger after trialling the supplement. Most triallers saw a noticeable difference and felt like they had more confidence while using this product.   *Based on a survey of 44 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Viviscal for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.   Video of What's the deal with Viviscal?

You say:

fast hair growth

e now been taking these tablets for 3 months and my hair (and nails!) have been growing insanely fast! During the trial I had my hair coloured and the regrow then was already showing 3 weeks later! I have short curly hair. Whilst it doesn’t lack volume, thanks to the curls, it is very slow growing. I had an undercut and decided I didn’t like that style so have been trying to grow it out to restyle it. When I went to the hairdresser she was shocked at how much the underneath had grown since my last cut. At this rate, by the next cut I’ll be able to have the style I want. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to see such quick results. From about 1 month into the trial, onwards, the faster growth had really been noticeable.…read more reviews here

ers on its word

trial has come to an end. What can I tell you? Well, after 3 months on these supplements, I feel like I’ve given them a solid opportunity to do their thing. Twice a day I have been religiously taking these, I’ve researched the many health benefits of the ingredients and what has it all been for? Thicker, healthier, stronger hair that suffers so much less breakage and shedding! After 3 months, I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair quality, as has my hairdresser! I have also had a few very positive ‘side effects’. My nails are incredibly strong and healthy and my skin and eyes are clearer. I’m pretty sure these supplements are the reason for these improvements. For anyone with thinning hair, it’s stressful, which only makes the thinning worse. These supplements have given me so much more confidence in my hair and my ability to maintain thicker, fuller, healthier hair. These are definitely worth trying if you struggle with your hair.…read more reviews here

lly works!

o happy to be able to say that Viviscal definitely works! At the end of the three month trial I have less hair fall, stronger, shinier hair, and a thicker ponytail. As someone who has struggled with hair fall and thinning for years this is an absolute godsend. I also missed a week with no noticeable changes. I like that I could take a month here and there to maintain progress, unlike treatments with minoxidil or other medications where you have to maintain treatment forever. My only issues have been remembering to take them, and some difficulty swallowing the pills. I’ve often had troubles with that though! I had no issues with tummy upsets, which have been a problem with other supplements. These are expensive but I’d love to continue taking them. I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore and so my hair has become a focus of my look. Viviscal can really help to turn lacklustre locks into the mane attraction!…read more reviews here


have been trialing the Viviscal supplement for 3 months. I have found it surprisingly easy to remember to take these tablets twice a day with food. It’s now just become part of my daily routine. I have experienced no irritations/reactions taking the supplement. After three months trialing, my hair has continued to grow in the sparse areas which were thinning. Sparse areas are almost unnoticeable. My hair shedding has also noticeably slowed down. My hair is just about back to its former glory days. I’m very thankful now that I can wear my hair up with confidence. It really is a great feeling! The hair that has since grown is healthy and easy to manage. My hair overall seems slightly thicker and healthier too. The only little hiccup I noticed was that my hair tended to get oily and I need to wash it more often.…read more reviews here


e been taking these twice a day for about three months now, even I forget to take them from time to time. I have noticed a significant increase in the rate of growth of my hair, my hair has grown at least 5 CM since I began these in March, and has thickened up somewhat as well, I can see little hair growing all over my head, my hair is filling in on the sides nicely, hair is looking shiny and healthy. This stuff is wonderful! I have not experienced any side effects. The pills did not seem to be doing anything at first and it’s not very encouraging. The box does say it will take a little while before you start noticing results. I started noticing a difference almost in the end of the first box, I seem to lose less hair, but I imagine this would be different for everyone. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a thinning hair problem, the key is to take it for 3 months and see if it works for you. It’s worth making the investment in your appearance if you get the results you want and need.…read more reviews here

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