The diet and exercise plan Shanina Shaik followed before her wedding

The diet and exercise plan Shanina Shaik followed before her wedding

Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik has opened up to Vogue Australia about the diet and exercise plan she followed in the lead up to her April 2018 wedding. The Aussie also spilled on how she prioritised her wellness in the busyness that comes before walking down the aisle.

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Shanina is a pescatarian and tried to eat clean before her beachside wedding in the Bahamas. “For breakfast I would like to have egg, vegetable scramble or cheesy eggs scramble using vegan nut cheese. As a side, avocado or smoked salmon,” she told Vogue Australia. “For lunch I would love a vegan wrap (preferably gluten free) or fish with vegetables.” Then she would follow it up with either spaghetti squash stir fry or fish with a side of salad for dinner.

As the wedding came closer, and Shanina got busier, she started to crave more carbs. And she didn’t restrict herself! “I would eat gluten free pasta and an impossible burger to restore my energy. Maybe, a glass of wine with my mum or matron of honor after a long day of planning,” Shanina said.


Shanina Shaik’s workout of choice? Pilates – four or five times a week. “As the wedding became closer it was admittedly hard to fit in workouts but I would make sure to do Pilates at home and using Melissa’s [Melissa Wood Health] workout videos as a guide,” Shanina said. “The great thing about Pilates is that it targets every muscle and main body part with every workout. Even when you’re focusing on one part of the body, for example legs. We are constantly using our core in Pilates class training.”


Shanina made sure to meditate and do yoga in the lead up to her wedding. “It was important to surround myself with my loving girlfriends and talk to my mum to uplift me and help me with any difficult planning,“ Shanina explained. “Doing yoga and meditating in the morning created a better day and positive mind.”

What do you think of the diet, exercise and wellness routines Shanina Shaik followed? Have you ever tried Pilates or yoga?

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