6 Unexpected Vagina Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

6 Unexpected Vagina Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

You know what we don’t talk about often enough? Vaginas.

After all, they’re a pretty key functioning part of the female body and they deserve some attention. Plus, did you know the clitoris is the only human organ made purely for sexual pleasure? Yep. So considering she takes such good care of you, it’s only right to return the favour.  

Now, we’re not saying your vagina needs a 10-step pamper routine daily; she’s pretty self-reliant. But there’s a bit to know when it comes to ensuring your vagina’s health, optimal comfort and performance. 

What can we say? A happy vagina is a happy life, so pay attention to the tips you ought to know.

#1 Help your vagina when she’s struggling

For the most part, our vaginas are excellent at taking care of themselves. But when they’re struggling (whether it be from a pH imbalance, irritation of sorts or anything else that’s throwing them off), they’ll certainly let you know. It could be a change in discharge, an itch that just won’t quit or all-around uncomfortability, but whatever form it comes in, don’t ignore the signs and hope it’ll just go away.

Most changes (when caught early) are easily treated and sometimes your vagina just needs a bit of help — there’s no shame in that. If you can’t speak to your doctor, describe your symptoms to your pharmacist who can also help to find you a solution. They’ve heard their fair share of downstairs dramas, we promise.

Sometimes all that may be needed is a treatment cream like Vagisil Soothing Oatmeal Cream, which can help to assist sensitive intimate skin with a relieving soothing sensation and protective barrier. Tested by gynaecologists, it’s pH balanced, hypoallergenic and way better than scratching that itch.

#2 Keep things comfy (and breathable) when you’re on your period

As equally as you shouldn’t let your period stop you from doing anything, there’s no shame in relaxing a few things throughout your menstrual cycle either.

Don’t feel like going to the gym? Then don’t. Those exercise tights can be hell.

Want to wear the daggy undies that feel comfiest? Go for it. Your vagina deserves it.

Speaking of comfort, make sure that’s a top priority when choosing your sanitary products, too. We love the Lovekins Ultra Thin Super Pads because they’re super breathable, thin, soft and will keep you fresh and dry no matter your flow. We’re also very into period underwear. Don’t knock ‘em ‘til you try them.

#3 Supplements can seriously help come menopause

From periods to menopause, gee we ladies have it good! 

Menopause can not only throw our vaginas out of whack (hello dryness) but it can also wreak havoc on our bodies and emotions due to hormone imbalances. 

You may also find you’re more sluggish than usual, easily irritated and (our favourite) experiencing hot flashes. 

Try taking supplements to help relieve symptoms and support nutritional needs. 

Harmony Menopause combines a synergistic blend of herbs traditionally used in Chinese Medicine with vitamins to help balance, cool and calm menopausal symptoms. Swisse Women’s Ultivite Tablets is also a great multi-vitamin that can aid energy-levels and stamina, while promoting the general wellbeing of women from the inside out.

#4 Hair removal doesn’t have to be painful

Whether you like your vagina to be as smooth and hairless as a dolphin or shrouded in a neat and tidy blanket of stubble, it’s 2021 and hair removal doesn’t have to be painful.

Our latest favourite gadget? The Remington Beauty Trim Bikini Trimmer, which features five different settings for various hair lengths. Think of the va-styles!

As for the waxers among us, let us introduce you to our special friend: Numit Numbing Cream. Apply this in preparation of your DIY wax or in-salon appointment and you’ll barely wince.

As for after care, the Ella Baché Recovery Gel is a godsend for relieving any post-laser or waxing discomfort on the pubic area. Plus, it contains niacinamide to keep skin smooth and prevent ingrown hairs. Just keep it for soothing the surface only. 

#5 Vaginas love lubricant

Whether you’re experiencing vaginal dryness or not, lube is legendary. The wetter the better, we say. 

In fact, the stigma around lube is a bit silly if you ask us. After all, a lot of us love to have a coffee in the morning to get us going; so what’s wrong with our vaginas loving a bit of lube to get them going?

If you haven’t found your fave yet, let us introduce you to FRENCHIE Oh La La Love Lube – it’s water-based, long-lasting and housed in a trés chic bottle. We’re also fans of Sensuva ON for Her, which provides a warming effect and gentle pulsating tingling. What’s not to love?

#6 Orgasms are an act of self-care

Speaking of all things wet and fun, orgasms are excellent for your health – make them a priority.

Orgasms have been proven to be excellent stress relievers (endorphins to the brain please), great at relieving tension and pain (mucho relaxo) and as a result can help you sleep a hell of a lot better too.

So if counting sheep or having a long bath isn’t helping, try the Fun Factory Volta. You and your vagina will be very happy indeed.

What’s the best vagina tip you’ve learnt over the years?

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  1. Most women become menopausal between the ages of 45 and 60 with the average age for Australian and New Zealand women being 51 years. I had just turned 46 and had had my first child at 42.

  2. This article was a bit disappointing tbh. There is a lot of information that could have been added here to assist women with vaginal ph inbalances, advice with antibiotics and probiotics and actually keeping your vagina healthy during the menstrual cycle – it seems a bit all over the shop.

    As for the menopause chat that is a completely different topic, period underwear (is great and deserves its own article!) and there is the gap about Pap smears and the HPV virus vaccine – which are important medical advice.

    Basically the best tip is if something doesn’t feel right down there, go get checked out by a doctor you trust. Period. (lol! )

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