Ultimate pampering in Spa Universe

Ultimate pampering in Spa Universe


When the beautyheaven girls have a skin crisis or just want to be spoilt to within an inch of our lives, we take ourselves straight to a Spa Universesalon. We count on the expert therapists to find real solutions fast, we trust the professional products to get us glowing again and we’re all in love with the healing touch of luxury that comes with every treatment. We call it ‘having a goddess moment’.

Trust us, one aromatherapy facial complete with tension-melting head and hand massage and you will too.

Want the aromatic, essential oil-soaked decadence of DECLÉOR? Crave the straight-from-the-organic-garden goodness of Ilcsi? Need the leading-edge effects of bioengineered Priori skincare, MD Formulations and Omnilux light therapy? A world of bliss for your skin, body and soul awaits in your Spa Universe salon.

And it’s all at your fingertips within seconds. Simply click into spauniverse.com.au to find your nearest Spa Universe spa or salon now. Then prepare to be pampered… 

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