Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals Her Pre-Workout Routine — And It Involves Apple Sauce

Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals Her Pre-Workout Routine — And It Involves Apple Sauce

If there’s one item we didn’t expect to receive a shout-out from Tracee Ellis Ross when discussing her workout routine, it was apple sauce. However, during a recent interview with Wall Street Journal, the condiment received an honourable mention. 

The actress and founder of hair line, Pattern Beauty, shared that her morning wellness routine includes tongue scraping, taking supplements, and exercising up to four times a week with either a personal trainer or using the Tracy Anderson Method. 

However, the most noteworthy part of her morning wasn’t the workout — where she claims to “pull things, push things [and]  throw things” — but rather what happens in the 15 minutes prior to hitting the gym. 

In what was perhaps her most surprising (and unrelatable) revelation during the interview (at least until she mentioned apple sauce), Tracee revealed: “I don’t drink coffee.”

As a substitute for caffeine as a pre-training pick-me-up, the Black-ish actress explained: “15 minutes before my workout, I eat a little lunchbox-sized apple sauce.” Come again?

A condiment that is typically paired with the kind of crunch you’d find on a pork roast and not in an abdominal workout, Tracee continued: “I was told that that kind of pure, good-for-you sugar 15 minutes before a workout will make your workout more productive.”

And her verdict? “Whether it works or not, I have no idea. But I suffer through eating the apple sauce.” While we might not be buying apple sauce by the trolley-load anytime soon, we’re intrigued nonetheless!

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Do you have any pre-workout rituals you swear by?

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