Fitness expert Tiffiny Hall shares her day on a plate


As a personal trainer, entrepreneur, mum-of-one and now a children’s book author, Tiffiny Hall knows what it’s like to be busy. Whether you recognise her as the tough-but-fair personal trainer from The Biggest Loser, have tried her highly successful fitness program TIFFXO or are one of her 200,000 Instagram followers, Tiff has cemented herself as one of the top fitness experts in the country. 

And as someone who works out constantly, has dedicated her life to the health and fitness of others, and somehow raises her son at the same time, we were curious to know what fuels Tiff’s lifestyle, food-wise. 

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What’s a day on a plate look like for you?


Peanut butter overnight oats. It gives me energy for training and keeps me full until lunchtime. 

 Mid-Morning Snack

I love the TIFFXO Cherry Ripe Smoothie if I hit a mid-morning slump around 10:30 and I like to snack on nuts and spiced cauliflower bites.


Usually something super simple –  like a salad with some sort of protein.

Afternoon Snack

TIFFXO Blondie Slice as a treat with my coffee as I sit at my desk, or protein balls.


I usually have a slow-cooker meal. My program has some great slow cooker recipes – so I always go for family-friendly. I’m all about batch cooking – especially when it comes to one-pot recipes, they are the best!

Do you stick to any diets?

Nope. I eat whole foods and don’t cut anything out. Variety is so important. I stick to my TIFFXO meal plans because they are easy to cook, budget-friendly and so great for the whole family to enjoy.

 What’s your philosophy when it comes to food?

Food isn’t just fuel, it’s social, and it’s good for the soul. I’m all about eating healthy 80 per cent of the time and enjoying treats 20 per cent of the time. When I’m with friends or out I enjoy treats and food, but during the week I food prep and stick to the healthy and delicious.

Do you have cheat days?

No, I don’t believe in them. Cheating conjures guilt and I don’t believe guilt should be related to food. I allow myself treats occasionally and this stops deprivation. If you feel deprived, this is when binging sets in.

Do you have any go-to pre or post-workout meals?

I like to train fasted (aka without a meal beforehand) because it suits my body. Post-workout I love the TIFFXO almond fig banana smoothie.  It’s great for the recovery of muscles because of all the magnesium in the banana.

Has motherhood changed the way you eat?

Absolutely! It’s all about the variety of nutrients and fast food prep as well as batch cooking and a freezer that’s well-stocked!

 What are your best tips for eating healthy when travelling?

Always go for grilled or poached protein and salads when going out to dinner. Food courts are great these days and you can always find a takeaway salad and a juice. Stay hydrated. People forget to drink water when out of their usual routine and travelling. If you are dehydrated you’ll be more ‘snacky’, so keep up the water.

 How can someone start eating healthier?

Find a coach, a program or an expert you trust and follow their advice. It’s so much easier with a plan set out for you. Then you need to commit to food prep and dedicate an hour or so a week to prepping your meals in order to save countless hours during the week cooking. You need to make sure you have all of the tools that’ll help you make decisions and positive changes. 

What advice do you have for someone struggling with their mentality around food?

Abandon the ‘all or nothing attitude’ where you’re either on a diet or off a diet. If you have a bad day, that bad day doesn’t have to turn into a bad week. You can reset and get back on track. It’s the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that holds people back and once you let it go, you will be so liberated. 

How important is a healthy diet to you?

It’s everything. We all want more energy and the best way to increase energy is to eat well. 

Anything else you’d like to add about food/nutrition/health? What is your post-gym beauty routine?

Hahaha, not much! I workout predominantly at home (doing TIFFXO) so I cool down and stretch or do mobility, then have a shower, eat brekkie, have a probiotic and lastly, get Arnold up. If I have time I’ll coconut oil pull whilst preparing breakfast.

 What are your 3 go-to beauty products?

Coconut oil as a moisturiser on my body. Vitamin B serum on my face. Go-To sunscreen. (use the dot points function for these)

I’m very minimalistic when it comes to beauty as I really do believe it’s an inside job starting with good nutrition and exercise. 

You can find Tiff on Instagram @tiffhall_xo or see her in person (as well as a bunch of other fitness icons) at the Melbourne Fitness Show on the 26th & 27th of October. Tickets available at

Do you do any meal prep for the week ahead?

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