The worst health advice we have received

The worst health advice we have received

There are so many things your close friends and family are good for. Homemade chicken broth when you’re feeling unwell, mounds of your favourite chocolate and every season of Friday Night Lights when you’re going through a break-up, a Maccas run when you’re hungover (or in my case, an ice cold orange Powerade) and brutal but constructive honesty when it comes to love, work, and that ill-fitting dress you bought on a whim. But if there’s one thing family and friends aren’t exactly good for, it’s health advice.

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I’ve been subjected to many words of ‘wisdom’ about the weird bite on my leg or the ongoing cold I couldn’t shake that turned out to be completely unhelpful and sometimes even detrimental! Of course, they were only trying to help but after speaking to the bh team, it seems like everyone has had their fair share of bad health advice! Best leave it to the professionals…

#1 “I was once told that you don’t need to drink water if you drink beer, as beer is made up of around 90 per cent water. Just no. Definitely not the same thing.” – bh’s Aja

#2 “My Dad would have me drink Molkosan (a South African milk-based probiotic) every time I would get a tummy or toothache or just a cold. Imagine someone offering you “vomit” (yep, that’s exactly what it smells and tastes like!) when you feel at your worst with the intention of making you feel better. I tried it once, NEVER AGAIN. So revolting. My dad still takes it when he’s sick!” – bh’s Mel

#3 “[I was told] to eat a banana after a night out to avoid a hangover the next day. Not only did it NOT work but the gooey texture of the banana after a few wines is enough to make anybody want to hurl.” – bh’s Sam

#4 “I remember in high school one girl tried oiling in and around her butthole to make it easier for her to do a number two.”– bh’s Sophia

#5 “A nutritionist once told me it was okay to eat all your calories in one hit – ie. starve yourself all day and eat a massive calorie-laden dinner. I’m quite certain she probably shouldn’t have gotten her degree.” – bh’s Kelly

If you want to know what a nutritionist eats, check this out.

#6 “[I’ve been told to] stand on your head when you have hiccups. Hasn’t worked for me yet.” – bh’s Marie

#7 “When I was younger my friend suggested I do one of those lemon detox diets which consisted of surviving on nothing but a concoction of organic lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 14 days. The drink was so disgusting I hardly drank it and ended up eating nothing for three days straight before I almost passed out at work. In hindsight, it was a truly terrible idea!” – bh’s Kim

Taking natural supplements like Nutrimetics Nutrishape Super Greens Powder or Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Chlorophyll+ is a much healthier way to detox your body!

#8 “I was once told by a high school friend to put toothpaste on a pimple overnight to make it go away. The toothpaste burnt my skin and I ended up with an even larger red mark around the pimple, which did NOT go away!” – bh’s Anna

Stay away from the toothpaste guys, try Clearasil Ultra Rapid Pimple Cream, Proactiv+ Clear Blemish Relief or Dermalogica Clear Start Emergency Spot Fix instead!

What’s the worst health advice you’ve ever received?

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