The world with a rosey-tint

The world with a rosey-tint

A journalist friend of mine recently asked my opinion on the meaning of three little words for a project she’s working on. I love to get involved in research so I was happy to oblige – plus it meant delaying doing any real work! The words were: rich, healthy and skinny.

As I was writing down what the words mean to me I started to wonder what others might believe the words to mean  – after all, we do have very different opinions of the world and we all see things through different eyes. How boring would life be if this weren’t the case? Yet sometimes it’s hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try and see things from an alternative perspective. (Like when you’re in the middle of an argument and you so desperately want to be right!)

So take time out from your work this Wednesday, whether you’re sat in the office starring at the screen, at home juggling kids, cooking and washing or dashing around with your laptop in toe, allow yourself some time for reflection and satisfy my need to see what these words mean to you.

If nothing else, we’ll be able to see if we’re on the same wavelength or world’s apart.

Allow the first thoughts that appear to fully enter your mind. Be it a person, a feeling, a place, a moment in time…jot down whatever comes to mind for each of the following words:

Let’s have some fun seeing if our perception is similar or poles apart from the people around us.

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