7 tips to help kick a sugar addiction once and for all

7 tips to help kick a sugar addiction once and for all

It’s all too easy to develop a sugar addiction. Why? Well, when you eat the white stuff, it makes your brain release dopamine, which leads you to experience pleasure. Your body then craves more sugar because it likes this feeling of delight, and so the cycle of desire continues.

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Unfortunately, being addicted to sugar isn’t good for you. Not only can it lead to weight gain and increase your chances of disease and cancer, it also causes you to age faster. Yes, sugar depletes your collagen production, leading to premature lines and wrinkles.

Is sugar addictive? Aboslutely. So, in an effort to keep you looking – and feeling – healthy and youthful, here are a handful of tricks to help you beat your sugar addiction once and for all.

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#1. Start each and every day with a hearty breakfast.

Skipping breakfast is a big no-no, this we know. But how does eating early prevent you from reaching for the lolly bowl? By tucking into a healthy breakfast, you help stabilise your blood sugar levels, which will assist you in making better food choices throughout the day.

#2. Rid your life of refined sugar.

Go to your pantry and throw out the following: soft drinks, fruit juices, cereal, biscuits, canned products, white bread and other pre-packaged foods. These products contain refined sugars (the worst kind of sugar), so it’s important to eliminate them from your diet as soon as possible. Make sure you read all food labels, too – many processed items sneakily contain hidden sugars that end in ‘ose’ (think fructose and glucose) without you even realising.

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#3. Avoid sugar-filled situations.

If your workplace kitchen is a disaster zone (read: it contains a whole heap of candy and chocolate), be sure to stay strong and avoid this source of sabotage when you’re hungry. Tell your co-workers you’re trying to kick your sugar addiction, too, and hopefully they’ll be kind enough to take temptation away from you. Then, substitute with some herbal tea (beautyheaven loves endota spa Organic Tea), one of these healthy snack ideas, or a piece of fruit (see below). 

#4. Make fruit your friend.

By adding fruit to your meals or snacking on low sugar fruit like berries, apples and nectarines throughout the day, you give your body a natural sugar hit. This will alleviate your craving for manufactured sweets, while also providing you with a healthy dose of fibre. Don’t go overboard with fruit, though. Sugar is still sugar, after all.

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#5. Get a solid sleep each night.

When we’re tired and are low on energy, we become a little slack with our food choices. Our appetite also increases when we’ve had inadequate sleep, which sees us reaching for unhealthy, sugar-filled foods. So, aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night to help combat this. Struggling to get enough zz’s? A sleep supplement such as Swisse Ultiboost Sleep can work wonders. 

#6. Add organic coconut oil to your diet.

Eating any type of healthy fat – avocado, olive oil or flaxseed oil – will help reduce sugar cravings and sugar addiction withdrawal, but we suggest taking half a teaspoon of raw, organic coconut oil when cravings strike. It has a delightful sweet taste despite containing no sugar, and its good quality fats will leave you feeling less ravenous. beautyheaven recommends Nature’s Way Super Organic Coconut Oil.

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#7. Give your taste buds time to register the change.

Food addictions don’t disappear overnight – you need to give your taste buds time to adjust to the lowered levers of sugar entering your system. However, after eliminating most sugars from your diet for a period of time, you’re likely to find lollies and chocolate too sweet anyway, which is a wonderful thing.

Are you addicted to sugar? Have you ever thought about quitting sugar? What are your top tips for eating less sugar?

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