11 Useful Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vagina


If you’ve never bent over in front of a mirror and had a really good look down there, you’re missing out.

The vagina is possibly THE most interesting body part of the female body, yet for some reason, many of us don’t actually know a lot about it.

So to help you appreciate your vagina a little bit more, here are 11 surprising facts about it. Tell your friends.

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#1 Vagina is Latin for ‘sheath’, which (when googled) means ‘a close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword’.

#2 A vagina can expand by 200 per cent when it’s aroused.

It’s called ‘vaginal tenting’. The inner two-thirds of the vagina widens and lengthens.

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#3 There are two holes down there.

Unlike the penis, which pees, ejaculates and does everything through the one hole, the vagina has two. One is the urethral opening and the other, the vaginal opening. We urinate through the urethral opening, and menstruate from and have sex via the vaginal opening, which is located under the clitoris.

#4 Not all women are born with hymens.

Oh, and you can’t tell if someone is a virgin or not by trying to locate the hymen, because contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t ‘break’ when you have sex for the first time.

#5 An orgasm is as good as a painkiller.

When you orgasm, your body releases a chemical called oxytocin, which can help to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, period pain and headaches. bh recommends Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager andSvakom Keri to help you on your way.  

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#6 The clitoris is the only human organ that is made purely for sexual pleasure.

Yep, it has zero other functions. It’s just there to make you feel good!

#7 Your birth control pill can impact how ‘dry’ or ‘wet’ you are down there.

The vagina’s ability to lubricate partially depends on your estrogen levels. As such, the Pill, menopause and pregnancy can all have an effect. Struggling with dryness? Try Vagisil ProHydrate Internal Hydrating Gel or Sensuva Erosense Aqua Water-Based Lubricant

#8 There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, while the penis only has 4,000.

Which also explains why women’s orgasms can last up to four times longer than men’s. #win

#9 Don’t worry, you can’t lose anything up there.

The cervical wall will block anything substantial from entering your body. So you (or your doctor, depending on the situation) will always be able to retrieve anything that’s up there.

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#10 Your vagina can let you know when you’re most fertile.

Your cervical mucus becomes clearer and stretchier during ovulation, and there’s usually more of it at that time. 

#11 Potatoes do not prevent pregnancy.

A doctor once removed a potato that had started sprouting vines out of a patient’s vagina. The patient told the doctor her mother said it would prevent pregnancy. There are no words…

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If you have a niggling question about what’s going on ‘down there’ or what may or may not be normal, we recommend booking an appointment with your local Gynaecologist. Or, if you’re in Sydney, you can make a booking to see Dr Rebecca Deans (Gynaecologist at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women), her details are:

Dr. Rebecca Deans
Suite 1, 2A Mona Rd
Darling Point NSW 2027
T 1300 884 827
E info@drdeans.com.au

Are you surprised by any of these vagina facts?

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