5 things you didn’t know about Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice


As far as athletes go, Stephanie Rice is a goodie. She’s won three Olympic gold medals, and simply oozes health and happiness. (I think the latter has something to do with that infectious smile of hers…)

Steph also looks outstanding in workout gear, which is why Russell Athletic made a stellar choice in signing the swim star as its ambassador. But don’t let her athletic physique fool you – as I recently discovered, this sporty lady still has a fondness for the sweet things in life…

bh’s Cherie Herrmann meets Stephanie Rice


#1. When it comes to inner and outer beauty, she chooses organic.

“I find organic foods and products are much better for my body. I always use organic shampoo and conditioners, and coconut oil as a moisturiser.” Hmmm… She’s the second celebrity to reveal this trick in the last week. It truly must work wonders.

#2. Despite being an Olympic swimmer, chlorine hasn’t ruined her hair.

Other than being blessed with naturally thick, healthy hair, Steph had one other major trick up her sleeve when it came to combating the drying effects of regular exposure to chlorine: “I never used a hairdryer or straightener when I was swimming all the time. It made such a difference to the health of my hair.”

#3. Exercising in the morning is her trick to staying fit.

Why? You’re less likely to back out of training if you work up a sweat in the AM. “If you can put on your workout gear as soon as you wake, you’re more likely to exercise. Another tip is to think of is how you’re going to feel after your workout – you always feel good after a workout.” So. Darn. True.

#4. She loves foods that leave her feeling light and energised.

And the foods that give her this feeling are fruit, nuts, and vegetables like carrot and celery dipped in hummus. “I know it seems kind of boring, but I actually love the kinds of foods that make me feel good. I find fresh juices and smoothies great, too.”

#5. Chocolate is her weakness.

But to combat unhealthy binging, she always keeps Raw Cacao Bliss Balls in the fridge. “I usually crave chocolate after dinner, so I always have a few balls to stop me from heading to the shops and buying way to much real chocolate.”

Did you ever want to be an Olympian when you were young? Do you think Stephanie Rice is a great ambassador for Russell Athletic? Have you ever tried Raw Cacao Bliss Balls?

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