Slim pickings

Slim pickings

It’s getting to that time of year where we’re soon to strip off and hit the beach. Which means if you’re anything like me, you’re regretting those extra Tim Tam indulgences.

Funnily enough, two new slimming secrets landed on my desk just in time, so I thought I’d share the road-test reviews with you…


“It’s the flip flop with the gym built-in. Put a pair on and get a workout while you walk.” That’s the premise of the FitFlop, biomechanically engineered thongs that are designed to help tone and tighten leg muscles while you walk. They’ve been proven to increase leg and calf muscle activity and improve posture and muscle tone. But do they really?

Well I’ve been wearing them for four weeks and can definitely see an improvement in my legs. I have quite good posture anyway but when I wear them I definitely feel the need to stand up straighter. The shoe may be a bit bulky for some people, I tend to like a flat thong, not one with a wedge, but I have heard, from a podiatrist no less, that very flat shoes with a slim sole are bad for you!

Shaping Capri by Dr. Rey

Foxtel viewers amongst you are probably familiar with Dr. 90210, the Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon. His latest venture sees him teaming up with Australian lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi to create a line of body shaping hosiery that promises to get my derriere looking like Jessica Biel’s. “Jessica Biel’s butt is now the most requested butt at plastic surgery clinics across America. My Shaping Hosiery works on exactly the same reconstructive principles I use when creating this look in surgery.” Bold words, my friend. Bold words. Going head to head with Spanx (at half the price), would my backside suddenly be enough to tempt JT?

Perhaps under clothes, for there was no denying, it really was lifted, tucked and sucked in all the right places – my lady lumps were no more (quite where they’d gone is a little disturbing if I ponder it for too long), but clothes off? Well my black body stocking starts at the waist and goes down to the mid calves. Daniel Cleaver may have been able to cope with Bridget’s big granny pants but I’m not sure I’ll find a man who’s willing to put up with this…

If you’re looking for some cellulite beauty busters, then look no further. What do you do to get your body beach ready? And what are we all doing for this glorious heatwave weekend?

Ps. You can catch Dr. 90210 in Target stores nationwide from October 8-10.

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