Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

It’s funny how little things can make a big difference. Yesterday we were talking about diet to improve dry, wintery skin and now I’m wondering what else we can all do before picking up a single face cream.

Something I hadn’t really considered before was switching to a silk pillow case. A fashionable friend swears by this for not only keeping a blow-dry in top shape longer, but also to prevent those facial creases which can appear on waking. If you’re a side sleeper (like me), you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ve always been committed to crisp cotton sheets so it wasn’t until I was at an intimate dinner for haircare experts Goldwell earlier this week and was given a deluxe goodie bag containing a silk pillow sham that I considered trying it myself. Designed by Brisbane company SLIP and made from quality Chinese silk, the pillow case is so soft and so smooth I think I get the picture. You can bet I’ll be trying it when I change my bed linen this weekend.

Speaking of hitting the hay, did you know the best beauticians can usually pick your sleeping style simply by the state of your skin? Scary but true.  Back sleepers apparently have the best chances of avoiding the poor sleeping postures that cause wrinkles but if you like to cuddle up with your pillow, I’m sorry to say you’re not doing your face any favours.

Side sleepers can actually have more obvious fine lines around the eye on the side they mash into the pillow. Stomach sleepers may fair even worse by pushing most of the face into the pillow during a deep slumber. Shocking huh?

And I’m not even going to mention the implications of sleeping with make-up on or not keeping your bed linen fresh. Let’s just say I’ll be trying to sleep on my back from now on.

Does your skin show how you sleep? 

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