This Should Be Your Signature Sex Move, According To Your Star Sign

This Should Be Your Signature Sex Move, According To Your Star Sign

We often seek out our star sign as a guide to help us navigate relationships, career moves and finances. Heck, we even use them to determine which celebrities we are compatible with

Whether they’re your gospel or a guilty pleasure, there’s no denying the joy that comes with seeing what your zodiac has in store for you. And this time, instead of telling us whether we’ll be getting that promotion, or if we should muster up the courage to approach the guy at the gym, psychologist Tatyana Dyachenko and sex expert Barbara Santini have revealed to Dime Piece LA how we can use astrology to find the exact sex position best suited to our needs and desires.

While some of the sensitive souls (ahem, water signs) get the most out of something slow and sensual, the fire signs might like to kick it up a notch and get creative. So to best determine how to please yourself and your partner, here are the best sex positions according to your star sign.


Aquarians are hard to put in a box. While some are on the active, energetic side, others are calm and mellow. However, optimism is something that is typically common for all. This unique sign seeks out distinctly different experiences and always wow their partners with their transparency and willingness to try new things.

Best position? Side saddle



Highly sensitive and emotionally intune, this water sign appreciates a sex position that encapsulates flexibility and creativity. Not bothered with grand gestures, the typical Pisces wants to get straight down to business.

Best position? Legs up



“People that fall under the Aries sign tend to like hot and steamy romp sessions,” explained Barbara. “They are full of energy and love getting playful between the sheets” adding that the typical Aries likes to be in charge at all times and enjoys pursuing and seducing their partner.

Best position? Sitting lotus



According to Tatyana, “Taurians get stimulated more from touches and cuddles”. The notoriously sensitive sign value straightforward sexual encounters that are based around love and an emotional connection.” 

Best position? Spooning



Officially crowned the “naughtiest star sign”, Geminis typically get bored easily and like to mix things up frequently. With their naturally energetic nature, they love to explore uncharted waters and spice things up. 

Best position? Crab walk



In relationships, Leos are known to be lively, fun and loyal. Their vibrant and assertive nature allows them to take charge during intimate sessions and fully let go of their inhibitions.

Best position? Cowgirl



Among all the star signs, Capricorns tend to be the most ambitious, goal-oriented, and practical. Often called ‘worker bees’, these individuals want to be in control in the bedroom, take no shortcuts, and make every session worthwhile. 

Best position? Standing doggy



Not dissimilar to a Virgo, Libras prioritise equality in the bedroom. Their innate desire for harmony translates via acknowledgement of their partners presence during sex.

Best position? Against the wall



Much like their organised and detail-oriented personality, Virgos approach sex with an anayltical perspective, always ensuring their partner is receiving equal pleasure as they are giving. Virgos seek a gentler form of intimacy that promotes a deeper emotional connection. 

Best position? Bumper cars



Ain’t nothing wrong with faithful old missionary and don’t Sagis know it. Never ones to feel the pornstar pressure, being comfortable is how they really let loose, and as a result, consistent orgasms are their reward. And thanks to their empathetic personalities, a Sagittarius will always be conscious of your needs as well as their own.

Best position? 69



The brave and curious nature of the Scorpio comes into play between the sheets. These risk-taking types are always down to try something new and aren’t afraid to test the waters with different costumes and characters. Their competitive nature drives them to turn any fantasy into reality (only better). 

Best position? Helicopter 



Among all the star signs, Capricorns tend to be the most ambitious, goal-oriented, and practical. Often called ‘worker bees’, these individuals want to be in control in the bedroom, take no shortcuts, and make every session worthwhile. 

Best position? Standing doggy


What star sign are you? Do you like your recommended position?

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