We put two sanitary pads to the test and the results may surprise you


We’re so done with periods being taboo. 

The menstrual cycle is a fact of life, and many of us bleed every month for a period (lol) of 2-7 days. So you bet we want to be using the best products for us.

And by best we not only mean in terms of absoberncy, but comfort (the slimmer the better please) and kind to the skin and earth too (less waste posthaste!).

Those who attended the beautyheaven Best In Beauty Marketplace would have already discovered Lovekins; an Australian wellness and skincare company with non-toxic, eco-friendly sanitary pads made with luxuriously soft Australian cotton .

Sounds great on paper, but we really wanted to put these pads through their paces to see if they could truly perform. Faced with a competitor, we took each sanitary pad through a series of tests, and the results may surprise you.

Watch the video above to see how they fared and if you need any more convincing, check out the Lovekins Trial Team reviews.

Did you find our pad test interesting? Have you tried Lovekins?

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