Sam Frost’s debate with MAXIM magazine

Sam Frost’s debate with MAXIM magazine

Sam Frost has enjoyed a whole lot of limelight since her bout on The Bachelor in 2014 and it’s clear that the popularity of the formerly broken-hearted-babe is not just a flash in the pan. She’s found love with 30-year-old construction manager, Sasha Mielczarek and scored herself a gig on Sydney radio show, 2DayFM with Aussie funny man Rove McManus. So, she’s pretty much winning at life. #yougogirl 

However, during yesterday’ broadcast, Sam spoke out about some attention that’s not all positive. The 26-year-old told co-host Rove that her picture from an old MAXIM photo shoot (taken in late 2014) is being used on the magazine’s December issue, out this Thursday. Not only has the cover been printed without Sam’s knowledge or permission but the piece is being advertised as Sam’s ‘return to MAXIM,’ despite her admissions that she regrets her original shoot with the mag. “I did it about a year ago, I wasn’t in a great place at the time. I should have thought before I did it, these photos stick around.” Not cool, MAXIM, not cool!

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If this wasn’t bad enough, Sam claims that the mag has retouched the images to enhance her breasts and make her waist look slimmer. Sam addressed the issue, saying, “I personally feel like it’s a bit disappointing because I don’t look like that.” 

There’s been a lot of attention on retouching of late, with celebrities like Zendaya and Chrissy Teigen (#kween) speaking out on the issue and taking responsibility for promoting realistic notions of beauty in celebrities

MAXIM’s use of Frost’s image on their December cover is not only promoting an unrealistic image of the star’s body but also implying a misleading idea that she has conducted a recent second interview and photo shoot with the mag, (going so far as to Photoshop her previously blonde hair to her current brown hue). 

Despite MAXIM’s editor-in-chief assuring that the images of Frost used in their December issue have not been retouched (other than her hair colour), I’m on Sam’s side. I love that she’s confident enough to openly discuss her regrets and vulnerability in shooting for the mag in the first place and to make sure her young, female fans understand that she’s happy with her body, without Photoshop or retouching. “I’m a huge advocate for being a good role model for young girls and just embracing what you look like. I don’t have a big chest area and that’s OK and I just feel like they’re kind of exploiting my body, even though they own the photos.” Good on you Sam!

What do you think of MAXIM’s use of Sam’s image on their latest cover? Should magazines be able to republish old images? Do you think Photoshopping in magazines promotes a negative idea of body image for young girls?

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