The secrets behind Sam Frost’s slim down


Besides the fact that she’s had 14 handsome men fighting over her for the entire nation to see (and handling it like the lady boss she is), there’s another reason Sam Frost has been capturing our attention of late.

Girl is looking damn fine:

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You see, after completing filming for her stint on The Bachelor last year (with the man who shall remain nameless), Sam found her weight had piled on during the show. Many of us can relate to this – whether things have got hectic at work, you’ve lost motivation or developed a serious sweet tooth – it doesn’t take much for the weight to accumulate.

So how did Sam lose weight and emerge just in time for The Bachelorette, looking better than ever? By enlisting the help of Personal Trainer and creator of the program ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’, Blake Worrall Thompson, to whip her into great shape. Below he shares the tips he used to help Sam get back to her fit, healthy and happy self.

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#1 It’s not just about cardio

Blake’s ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’ program consists of five fitness sessions, two of which are cardio, but the other three are based around body weight training. In order to see results in a shorter time frame, a combination of both is key to becoming stronger and leaner. Here’s an example of one of the HIIT workouts Blake would use when training Sam:

10 medicine ball slams

10 jumping lunges (each leg)

10 window wipers

10 squat jumps

10 burpees

And either a 300m run or a 250m row

The above is then repeated 10 times, as fast as you can. Talk about an intense, yet quick workout!

#2 Surround yourself with the right people and lifestyle

When you’re surrounded by like-minded people, who also strive for a healthy lifestyle, it’s easier to stay on track. Blake said of Sam, “I think it was such a shock to her when she realised how much weight she had put on during the show. Moving from Melbourne to Bondi made her feel the pinch a little bit as the majority of people living in Bondi are so fit, healthy and lean. She wanted to be a part of that.”

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#3 Consistency is key

Miracles do not happen overnight, nor can you be healthy for a week and expect big changes. “When I first met Sam”, says Blake, “she had lost a lot of fitness, so it was a case of gradually improving her fitness level with consistent training.”

#4 A good workout routine needs to be supported by a good diet

No matter how much exercise you do, it’s the support of a healthy diet that will earn you the results. When it came to Sam’s eating, Blake recalls “Sam had to clean up her diet big time! To drop the body fat and get herself primed for The Bachelorette, Sam had to start making much better choices. She is a lot more educated around food now and how it affects her body composition, which made it easy for her to lose all the weight she gained on the show.”

Have you been watching The Bachelorette? Have you ever experienced unexpected weight gain?

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