Oh, you shouldn’t have

Oh, you shouldn’t have

So that was Christmas. And today is the day that some of us are back in the office, a little fatter, a little resentful of everyone not back in the office and reflective upon the festivities that were. Are sloth and gluttony at Christmas okay by the birthday boy or brimstone flamingly sinful? Bless her, but where did Nan find the Beta video cassettes she wrapped up for me?

And, more pressingly, what am I going to do with such not-so-keepsake presents now? Recycle, swap or, dare I say it, sell?

We’ve all done it. Even those of you tut-tutting at my lack of ‘true Christmas spirit’ right now. We’ve all re-wrapped something pretty but ‘just not for us’ and redistributed the love to someone else. And who hasn’t lined up at a returns and exchanges counter during at least one post-Xmas sale? As long as you’re not daft enough to re-give the gift to the original giver and have a convincing face prepared for that is-that-the-perfume-I-gave-you-you’re-wearing? moment, I say recycling gifts is fair play. No harm done.

But I’m not completely without sentimentality. I’ll re-gift a dud pressie and watch it pass between my friends like a Chinese whisper, but I draw the line at trading it for profit. Fine is the line between hypocrisy and principle here, I know, but it just doesn’t feel right to pop that lovingly given gift from Gran in the Trading Post or up on eBay before lunch has digested. It’s a little too mercenary.

Besides, any beauty booty I’m prepared to part with isn’t likely to fetch a fortune on eBay anyway, really. Though maybe I will log on and try to find a Beta video player circa 1986. The cassettes were a gift from my Nan, after all…

What are the best and worst gifts you were given this year? Have you a personal policy on re-gifting, swapping and selling? 

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