RESET your body

RESET your body


The USANA 12-week RESET™ Program supports you through three stages on the road to better health and vitality:

Jump Start, $126.40

The 5-day Jump Start is an intense first step designed to kick-start your program with nutritionally-sound USANA meal replacement shakes and nutritional bars.

Phase 1 – Transform, $411 (four-week supply)

Adding one low-GI meal a day to the USANA shakes and nutritional bar program, this stage can be followed until you reach your personal lifestyle and weight management goals.

Phase 2 – Maintain, $292.60 (four-week supply)

Now you’ve reached your goal, phase two can help you maintain it. Introducing two low-GI meals into your RESET™ program, this final step also shows you how to include foods such as wholegrain breads and cereals, pasta and potatoes into your healthy diet.

Phase four? Enjoy the healthy new you!

USANA RESET™ is available exclusively through USANA Associates Call 1800 670 126 or visit for more information

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