RAFW, here I come!

RAFW, here I come!

We were thrilled to announce last week that HMad would be joining us at RAFW so we’ll hand over to her and she can tell you what it was like being the VIP for a day …

It’s a chilly but stunning Monday afternoon in Sydney. As I walk quickly through Circular Quay with my carefully selected, military-style jacket slung over my arm, strangely I can’t feel the cold. I attribute this to the adrenalin that must be pumping furiously through my body, for this isn’t just any old day, it’s the first day of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and thanks to beautyheaven’s amazing competition, I’m headed straight for it!

As I make my way to the Overseas Passenger Terminal where it’s all happening, I notice some brightly-coloured lips on models walking past me and the reality of what is about to happen starts to sink in. I’ve arrived a little early so I stop for a moment to shake off the nerves and take in the amazing backdrop of the Opera House just across the harbour.

A short time later I meet bh’s Sarah and Olivia, who are both so lovely and they warmly welcome me to RAFW and give me the run down of what is planned for this afternoon. It is nice to know that they are as excited as I am about being here, I can almost imagine us all jumping up and down and squealing like I was last Friday afternoon after they told me I’d won!

We’re joined briefly by Kate, bh’s photographer and shortly afterward I meet Jenny and Ariel from MAC who hand over our backstage passes and tickets to the Wayne Cooper show. Arial whisks Sarah away and Jenny ushers Olivia and I toward the first, and most important, event: getting my make-up done!

In the MAC Bar, which is where the various VIPs and media come to have their make-up done (Gracie Otto is getting hers done behind me!), I’m introduced to Gemma who tells me she’ll be giving me my ‘MAC-over’. The simple cleverness of this pun brings a smile to my face and I relax a little, easing myself into the chair. Gemma cleans and prepares my face, suggesting a soft, smoky eye look with a nude lip. I eagerly agree. She starts off with MAC Strobe Cream for a base, which she says will give me a dewy finish. As Gemma deftly applies the rest of my make-up, I sip some crisp Rosemount wine and steal a glance at her collection of brushes and secretly hope she doesn’t see the envy oozing out of my pores! She chats to me about the products she’s using – I love everything! New to me are the cream blush, the gel eyeliner and I simply have to have the concealer she used to disguise my stubborn dark circles!

Next up Gemma applies some individual lashes to give my eyes some extra oomph with such a steady hand that I secretly wonder if she’s missed her calling as a brain surgeon. As a finishing touch, Gemma mixes a little bronzer and powder to blend my face colour into my neck line (great tip!). And as I look into the mirror I’m amazed by the transformation and shudder at the thought of my next credit card statement, because now that I’ve gone MAC, I know I’ll never go back.

With my make-up looking immaculate I’m ready to head backstage with the girls. It’s a hive of activity and I’m constantly stepping out of the way of photographers, models and stylists. MAC make-up artists apply bright and clashing colours to the eyes and orangey-red lips to the models. It looks amazing. Hair stylists glue in extensions for extra volume and hair is being straightened. I’m quietly pleased that I chose to ghd my hair yesterday.

We then head for the bar to wait for the Wayne Cooper show to start. I chat to Sarah and Olivia about my beautyheaven addiction and the wonderful forum members. My heart skips a beat when Jenny presents me with a little black package full of MAC goodies – I can’t wait to try them out! In the meantime, Sarah and I take turns in spotting celebrities like Kerri-Anne Kennelly, who is tall and glowing.

Queuing for the show, Sarah assures me that it is normal for them to be a bit late, but when we finally take our front-row seats 45 minutes later, I joke that being fashionably late has been taken to a new level! When it does start, the show itself overloads my senses and I love it. Rock music blasts with the volume on max, patterns of lights flash from the screen and models in sky-high platform shoes and neon brights stride past me, their reflections echoing their movements on the shiny catwalk.

As we shuffle our way out of the show I spy Sarah Murdoch chatting to Alex Perry and wish that I could do it all again. Saying goodbye to Sarah and Kate who are heading back to the office, I don’t know how to thank them for the amazing experience. As I head off home, toting my goodie bag and with a strut any catwalk model would be proud of, my day at RAFW begins all over again in my thoughts.

For a how-to video of Wayne Cooper’s bright eyesclick here >>

Images: HMad getting her make-up done at the MAC Bar, HMad and bh’s Olivia after their makeovers, HMad backstage with a Wayne Cooper model, HMad with Jenny from MAC (left) and bh’s Sarah.

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