Quiz: high-tech hippy or natural disciple?

Quiz: high-tech hippy or natural disciple?

Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re weird because you have to have the latest technically-advanced skin cream and similarly we don’t think you’re bonkers for searching for only the most natural of beauty buys, but we do think it’s kinda fun taking part in a quirky little quiz like this one…  

Answer A or B to the following questions, add up your score – are you mainly As, mainly Bs or somewhere in the middle – and discover whether you belong in the techie team or with the boho bunch.

1. Are you an avid reader of ingredient lists and packaging?

A) Definitely, I like to steer clear of nasties and know exactly what I’m putting on my skin
B) Sometimes, depends what product it is and how much time I have

2. Are you all about organic?

A) Totally, they don’t call me eco chick for nothing!
B) I try to buy organic on occasion but I’m not all-out organic

3. Do you learn towards a quick fix rather than long-term skin prevention?

A) No, prevention is better than cure
B) God yeah, give me a quick fix any day. Who has time to waste on namby-pamby lotions?

4. Have you ever turned your hand to homemade beauty?

A) Of course, making products from the goodies in your pantry is lots of fun
B) You’re kidding, right?

5. Would you rather clue up on the skin benefits of chamomile or break through cosmeceuticals?

A) I love reading about the myriad benefits that come from natural ingredients
B) Cosmeceuticals are way more exciting that boring old chamomile. Isn’t that just for drinking?

6. Would you choose a bird poop facial over a Priori skin treatment?

A) Sure, songbird droppings are rich in amino acid and leave skin beautifully soft
B) No way, I’m singing the praise of high-tech Priori all the way to the salon

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