Quiz: high-tech hippy or natural disciple? – page 2

Quiz: high-tech hippy or natural disciple? – page 2

Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re weird because you have to have the
latest technically-advanced skin cream and similarly we don’t think
you’re bonkers for searching for only the most natural of beauty buys,
but we do think it’s kinda fun taking part in a quirky little quiz like
this one…  
whether you belong in the techie team or with the boho bunch.

Mostly As

They don’t call you Boho Betty for nothing! Natural comes, well…naturally to you. You chose products wisely and are keen to look after your skin and health with natural alternatives and attempt to steer clear of nasties. You are as thoughtful about what you apply topically to your skin as you are about what you consume – a firm believer that beauty begins on the inside. You are probably more familiar with Burt’s Bees than you are with a Big Mac – which is not a bad thing.

Mostly Bs

Always on the look out for the latest skincare advancement, fascinated by fillers and twice as likely to bowl over to a botulinum toxin injection (maybe not right now, but you’ll refrain from saying never), you can take or leave natural (especially the smelly potions) and would always prefer a cream that has had technical tampering or scientific claims. You’ll pay out if a cream promises to deliver but you don’t believe any old hype: a stack of scientific statements is always a sweetener though.

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